Friday, December 31, 2010


dad1, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

My Dad passed away Tuesday.

One of my favourite memories was Dad my brothers and me heading up every year to spend the weekend camping and fishing in Parry Sound at Long Lake.

Beans and hot dogs never tasted better then when we cooked em over the open fire and listened to the Blue Jays on the small transistor radio...

Monday, December 27, 2010

The End is Near for Another Year!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hope you enjoyed my favourite 3 F's this time of year "family, friends and FOOD!"

What I thought about this week:

It is less than a week until 2011 and I was wondering about the things I wanted to accomplish in 2010. Oh don't worry it is all art related!

I wanted to create more in 2010 and that was accomplished.
I wanted to write a and post some of my creations "check"!
I wanted to learn more about the process of others art and in so doing take what I could use to encourage and compliment my process. "check, check"!

Some things I didn't want to do (but did anyway)

Whine about my process and become frustrated...
Complain I didn't have enough time to complete something...
Not have goals...

Some things that happened along the way (mostly unexpected)...

Met some great people and artists...
Felt good about what I was creating...
Happy in the moment of creating...
Actually completed some things I said I was going to do...
Started to work on a web site...

Thanks again to all of you who take the time to read and comment on what I am doing. It is very cool of you and your positive comments and criticisms are taken in the spirit they are given!

My Art Week:

I had to pull back from a project that I was co creating with a friend. I have too many of my own things to do and I couldn't in good conscience expect to give it the time it needs to happen. That said I have started working on my third project and I am pretty pumped. Here are some things I have so far...

Some experimenting with tones and a smoother inking setting oh and my notes to myself...

I also worked on these thumbs for another story with some trial inking along the way
Next up is trying to get something on my site and a discussion of 2011 for next weeks blog!

Keep creating!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home for The Holiday

Happy Holidays!

This time of year is a busy time especially when I don't travel to my wife's family for Christmas.

So what is up? Well I am now officially It is a place where you can go to find all the stuff I'm working on and contact me for projects sketches etc. Of course I haven't put anything up but this:

Why did you do it Michael?

Well it was on advice from a few art buddies and podcasts in that you don't want your stuff spread out over too many sites on the Internet. The cost was nominal. Just getting my domain and finding a host that would allow me to buy a month (to check out their reliability) versus paying for a year and finding out that they aren't reliable. I'll let you know how it progresses but follow me there!

My Art Week:

It has been a week of sketching and thumb-nailing which I have decided to turn into "ham-fisting" errr I mean much larger thumb-nails. I am either doing them in my sketch book or in Manga Debut 4 EX. Those not done in Manga 4 will be scanned into the program and shrunk down and arranged into the order that works. The only concern I have is spreading my story out into too many places because I am NOT the most organized person and I don't want to lose any panels.

I was emailed by an art buddy to collaborate on a future project. I think the idea is good but my time is being spread between 3 comic projects and a web site right now so I have decided to shrink down my three comics projects so I can work on this new idea. Will it work? Only time will tell...

I asked Santa to send me some new Crayola Pencils and Crayons for Christmas, they sharpen themselves! I hope you get some fun stuff too!

Have a Happy Holiday!

Enjoy the 3 F's at this time of year! Family Friends and Food!

Oh and don't forget to squeeze in some time for creating!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Attack of Rudolph-zilla

Attack of Rudolph-zilla, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Art and Story Christmas Challenge 2010.

Finished one panel strip for Art and Story Christmas Challenge!

Plan to do a 3 panel and maybe even a mini comic if I have the time...


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rudolph With Your Nose So Bright!!!

So here I am with my first 1 panel comic in process temporarily called Rudolph-zilla! You get the gist from the pencil to the perspective process.

There are some who don't want you to see behind the curtain. Hehe. For a process blog with personal art insights etc. I don't know how you would do that...

In any case her are the three pictures from (1) thumb pencil to (2) first trial pen to (3) second more finished ink.
So not finished yet but just wanted to show you my working progress or work in progress!

Keep creating!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

OH NO! Christmas is Coming!

December is here!

A new challenge has been issued by my Art and Story crew relating Christmas or the holiday season in a panel, strip or short story! It will be good to put my mind at use to something Christmas related. I have a short story and strip on the go at the moment.

These are some trial thumbs I will be using...

My Art Week

I finished my 30 characters in 30 days (as can be seen if you go through December here). It was fun, challenging, fun, hard, fun, and well fun. I am glad I did it and I would do it again!

I've been reading the Dummies book on Manga Studio Ex 4.0. Lot's to the program and much to learn...

Read Alan Moore's "49'ers" Gene Ha drew some excellent pages and the colour was fantastic and Alan Moore was, well, Alan Moore!

Thanks for all the comments on the Buzz Twitters and Facebook!

Keep Creating!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Professor Arklight 30/30!!!

Professor Jacob Arklight is recently retired. He has gone back to university to study archeology and met a coed and classmate recent widower Isabella Smith-Jones. Together these two "fossils" will discover that there is much more to life than hiding yourself away...

30 in 3o is done! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! I did it! I really did it!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Dee Nite Character 29/30

Dee Nite 29/30

Diana "Dee" Nikt is centuries old but she adapts and loves modern technology. Especially any online dating service! Dee can have a meal delivered to her when or wherever she is...

Mik n Mok 28/30

Mik n Mok 28/30

Mik N Mok can only ever remember being together. Always helping each other out since they was podlings. When they grew up they decided why break up a great team and they started a career as galactic bounty hunters. They have no love fer anyone but themselves unless you got yer face on a wanted poster!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Dread Mirror 27/30

The Dread Mirror 27/30

It is rumored the Dread Mirror Is Timeless
It has seen Man rise
It has seen kingdoms fall
When it's your turn to gaze at it
Instead choose a wall...

A Path of Your Own! Be Safe, Be Reflective, GRIT YOUR TEETH AND GIV'ER!!!!

My Week:

So it's Sunday! Day 28 of 30 in the 30 Character Challenge (click the banner to the right to find out more!) I'm reflective as I near the end of this challenge. I have four or five thumbs or partial sketches ready to go. That's great because I only need 4! Limiting the inking on the last few has helped me along and talking amongst fellow 30 character "challengees" about their recent experiences has also has greatly helped (these are other cool and crazy art guys you should be checking out: Rene van Belzen, Bob Learned, calmplexlocust, Rob Stenzinger and Jose Gonzalez!)

It is neat what can get you motivated to try new/old things.

I picked up some cheap dollar store water colours as well as some tube ones in doing the 30 character challenge I have found my "painting juices" flowing again. I know. I know. Make sure I clean up after myself..

My Art Week:

If you noticed I hit a bit of bump in the road the last couple of days as real life stuff has heated up just when it is getting cold in Toronto! No snow yet but I know it is coming (so is Christmas) Black Friday has just passed south of the border and Turkey holiday is almost over. I hope all of you that celebrated it, had your fill and those that are "running" this 30 character "race" along with me should have the necessary nutrition to grind out the last few characters!

So as I said four more characters to go. I'm gonna start working on 27 as soon as I post this! Thanks for all the positive comments! Here and Twitter and Buzz mail and Facebook. The time will come soon when my stuff will be collected into one location. My friend's daughter asked me to do a commission for a Christmas gift for a classmate so I am excited, I will post it here. I hope she can afford me ;)

30 Character mates we are nearing the wire, GRIT YOUR TEETH AND GIV'ER!!!!

Be creative guys, it will make a healthier, happier you!


Super Chef 26/30

Super Chef 26/30

Gastogne Cullen always enjoyed cooking and had a flair with a knife so when the time came to decide what he wanted to do after high school Gastogne applied and got into the best cooking school in Paris. After an unfortunate chopping accident involving one of his instructors Gastogne was dismissed form the school before receiving his diploma. Bent but not broken Gastogne hired himself out to dignitaries and celebrities as a chef bodyguard. Gastogne has not gone unnoticed by the secret government agency G.A.S. or Government Agency of Spies...

Sumz - Character 25/30

"Sumz" - character 25/30

Val Summerz has always liked to hit things since she was a toddler so mom brought out the pots and pans and "Sumz" kept on hittin. She loves Punk music and hopes to someday join her favourite punk band "More" But it's tough on the road for girls and especially girl drummers, Sumz thinks she has what it takes to add it up!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mini Merv the Quarterling 24/30

Mini Merv the Quarterling 24/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Mini Merv the Quarterling 24/30

Mervin was always made fun of by his halfling sibs. They called him Mini Merv or The Quarterling.

Merv knew it wasn't what you looked like but what you did with what you had.

Merv had a calling and one day he realized that sometimes even a small person in stature can become too big for a small "minded" village...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Betsy Balderson 23/30

Betsy Balderson 23/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Betsy Balderson 23/30

Betsy Balderson is lead strategist and one of the founding members of the UNA (United Nations (of) Animals).

She is quick on her "feathers" and use her speed to her advantage.

She also designed the UNA flag and is defensive over the design often saying "Hey! I'd like to see what you could do with wings, thread and a needle?!?"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Micron-Man 22/30

Micron-Man 22/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Micron-Man 22/30

Danilo Mikrovich was a big man in Ukraine under the Communist regime. His study of micro electronics was given number one priority! Communism came crashing down and Mikrovich emigrated to Canada. Mikrovich has decided he wants to be a big man again. A small accident at his workplace will cause Danilo to learn sometimes big things can come from small packages!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mher Greenmile 21/30

Mher Greenmile 21/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Mher Greenmile 21/30

Mher left his Elfin home to go off into the world but before he left he took a piece of home with him. And now he is being hunted for it.

Mher Greenmile's biggest asset is his long arrow tri-shot and he needs it because Mher knows, "You can take it with you, problem is they may want it back!"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sooooo I hit 20!

Characters That Is:

Okay I'm a "little' older than that ;) If you have been following the 30 in 30 character challenge that I have been taking part in then you know that I hit 20 today. I actually have a couple other characters I am considering working on this evening to get me to 21 which is where I'd like to be today...

Meet the New "Tool", Same as The Old "Tool":

I upgraded Manga Debut 4.0 to EX 4.0. It was 120.00 dollars for the download but you can also search for a coupon and (save 12.00 I believe it is fallsale) so I went ahead. It will be a while before I learn all the new features of the upgrade. I know it will be especially helpful with setting up pages because of the different panel features and the new colouring features too!

What I have Learned:

I learned I can do 20 characters in 20 er 21 days. I know they aren't perfect but many are usable. I learned that some days I think of it as a chore until I start drawing and then I like it. OK. I mostly like it... Some days I start the character and then I start inking it and I'm not thrilled with it, but I have to push through because this is "just a exercise" after all. This is how we learn what we need to work on and what we don't (I think I said that last week) Well, at least I am consistent!

My Art Week:

30 characters exercise. Look around here and you will see it. Thanks to all for the comments on Twitter and Facebook and Gmail Buzz.

Now get goin and create sumthin!


Canuckle Head 20/30

Canuckle Head 20/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Canuckle Head 20/30

Chip Woodley is the self proclaimed leader of the UNA and the Canadian representative in the United Nations (of) Animals...

"Diplomacy first!" is Chip's motto, but if it comes to getting his paws dirty, Chip leads with his 2 buck teeth!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Good Sport 19/30

The Good Sport 19/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

"The Good Sport" 19/30

Klak is a forward scout for a “supposed” alien invasion fleet from the planet Bingosia. He has been hiding on the other side of the Moon for the past 100 years. Just…observing. Actually he has been watching sports on TV. Klak has become a fanatic. He thinks that athletes are the Earth’s gladiators and he wishes he could be one! Now Klak will have his chance as his ship malfunctions and sends Klak plummeting to the Earth in the year 2010!

What will become of Klak and his sports obsession?

Will he be successful in his quest to become the first being to win every sports championship on the world?!?

Street Shadow 17/30

Street Shadow 17/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Street Shadow 17/30

Looking for someone who doesn't want to be found?

Doing it "quiet" when it can't be done above ground...

Look to the street shadows and whisper his name...

Lost cat or lost lover to him it's the same...

Since leaving his village the Street Shadow started off as a "quiet" PI but since adding a office manager to his set up, the motto has changed to get more customers or die trying....

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mickey "Mitch" Mitchell 18/30

Mickey "Mitch" Mitchell 18/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Mickey "Mitch" Mitchell 18/30

Mickey had a dream. Graduate high school, go to college and get a 9 to 5 job, house in the burbs, wife, kids. Then he discovered Punk music and knew there was more to life. Now he is the front man for his Punk band "More" cuz sometimes wanting something "more' is alright!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Voice of Rheesun 16/30

Voice of Rheesun 16/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Voice of Rheesun 16/30

Rheesun (at least that's what her/it's name sounds like to human ears.) Is she a god or alien or all the above?

Going back through Earth's history Rheesun has appeared in some form or another to the leading cultures of the time. Some have heeded her appearance and listened to what few words are uttered.

Others have ignored the "voice of Rheesun" at their peril...

Muck Hammer 15/30

Muck Hammer 15/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Muck Hammer 15/30

Tony Stucci witnessed his city going down hill for the past many years and he let it slide. That was until it overflowed into his personal life. Now it was time to make a stand!

Armed with his trusty hammer and hard hat Tony knew his indifference was one of the main reasons his city had become covered in "muck". Tony now realized it takes more than a shovel to dig yourself out from the muck" and slime.

Sometimes it takes a hammer!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Iron Whip 14/30

The Iron Whip, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

The Iron Whip 14/30

The Iron Whip works for the Royal government and his primary role is the tracking and breaking of those disloyal to the regime.

Little is known about the "Iron Whip" even the name was one given to him by someone else and he hasn't discouraged its use. The whip he uses is ringed with iron and almost seems to "crackle" when snapped.

One thing is certain. You don't want the Iron Whip on your back!

Pirate Pete 13/30

Pirate Pete 13/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Pete was living in a coastal town when the Boarder War "spilled" into his back yard. He was not "impressed" with either navy.

Pete decided t it was time to make his own navy and created the "Black Skulls"

"For when there is blood on the waters. Better the blood not be your own..."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kelin Of the Twisted Axe 12/30

Kelin Of the Twisted Axe 12/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Kelin is another casualty of the Border War. She will not talk about what was done to her , her mother or sister during a raid on thier village.Kelin has taken up her father's axe and vowed "never again!" She twists her axe in her hands unconsciously before she brings it to action. Kelin is searching. The path is fraught with the fear that though visibly unmarred Sometimes it is the invisible wounds that never heal...

Willa The Hunter 11/30

Willa The Hunter 11/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Willa the Hunter and her Kill-cat Crunch. Who hasn't been affected by the border wars? Trained by her hunter father at an early age and thrust into a position by necessity Willa hunts war criminals where she may find that the only thing "criminal is war"....

The Illuminator 10/30

The illuminator, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

The Illuminator has the Illune alloy in his gun. Discovered after a meteor shower if you become exposed to the cosmic rays of this nugget it leads you to hallucinate and have your darkest secrets revealed. The Illuminator was able to re-purpose the metal into a gun. The other gun he uses is the N-gun which shoots flexi expanding net because most who are exposed to the I-ray try to outrun their secrets and as we all know you can run but you can't hide from THE ILLUMINATOR!!!

Keekee Lefay 9/30

keekee Lefay 9/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Keekee Lefay 9/30

Keekee Lefay is of the Pixie race. The pixie race has been hunted near to extinction. Keekee's mad! And she ain't gonna take it no more! She may look all soft and nice but she hides a "sting!" A sword she calls "petal" that she wields with deft aplomb. Add the ability to camouflage herself to any forest background and you have a guerilla to be reckoned with!

"JK Kidd" Character 8/30

JK Kidd, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

K Kidd

Drake Kidd was your typical spoiled rich kid. Didn't care much bout anything but himself. That would change. His family lost everything. His mother sick in the hospital and the bills piling up Drake's Dad took his own life. Now Drake had a decision to make. One day at the local Rec center he signed up for Judo and Karate classes and found he had a natural affinity for them. But what was Drake to do with his new found talent???

Layla the Rat Queen & Killer Kort

Layla the Rat Queen & Killer Kort

Layla the Rat Queen believes in spreading the love.

She is the result of an Alien experiment combining rat and human DNA. After taking over the ship where she was "born" Layla was able to free all her brothers and sisters including her brother "Killer Kort!"

Queen Layla wants nothing but total domination by spreading her kind across the universe. Cuz Queen Layla thinks everyone deserves a little "tail"...

I got Puter Face!

Puter Face:

Definition of "puter face": Sittin in front of a computer screen too long with a "irradiated zombie like look" in your eyes...

I have 'puter face from looking at the screen trying to catch up with my 30 characters in 30 days challenge... I am drawing number 13 on day 14. I finished 11 and 12 today. I may get 13 done today. If not, I will do two a day till I am back "on the beam"...

What I have learned from this exercise so far:

I have learned that staying to a set routine is best. If you know yourself and know that "I should do one a day minimum" then do it.

I have been thumb-nailing and penciling each sketch on paper and then scanning them into Manga Debut 4. I use the inking tool for most some of the sketches and basic colouring tool for some. Some of the inks are a little wild but I don't mind it. I am much more painterly with the program than traditional inking because of the different feel of the stylus on my Wacom Bamboo Touch...

My art Week:

See following posted drawings!

Have a great week and create!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Knew I had Character (so far 6)!

Hey Fool! Where's Part Two bout tools?

Errr sorry my blog is being hijacked by the "30 Character Challenge!" Tools will be back at the end of the month or sprinkled into each blog... Why? Because it's my blog and because I can!!!

Character Building!

So it is nearing the end of week one of the 30 character challenge. The idea came from Tyler James and more info can be found at The 30 Character Challenge. I didn't sign up at the official site but the challenge was taken up by members of the Art and Story Supreme "Storriors" including one of the lead "Storriors" Kevin Cross.

What is 30 in 30? (my name for the challenge)

So basically you need to come up with 30 new characters in the 30 days of November. You don't need to put one out every day but you need to have 30 created by the end of November 30th. If you are a writer you could come up with character descriptions as long as you have 30 of em! It's not just about drawing, it's about being creative!!!

So what have you done Mr. Jahhdog?!?

Well, I have completed 6 characters as of this posting, I plan on doing one a day. I find that right now this schedule suits me and my routine. I'm notorious for missing deadlines that I set. OK. I don't just miss em, obliterate em!

How do you do it Mr. J?

I find that what works for me to get a character idea in my head, might start with a name, might be a clothing ora costume idea, might be a female I see, might be an animal, might be an era. Might be ANYHTHING!

Once I have a general idea from "a couple" of these things I start to brain storm onto a notebook or piece of paper. This leads into my thumbnail...

I "usually" thumbnail (with pencil) a small sketch in a notebook. It could be the book in my pocket at my day gig (but since I'm outside, usually not). Most often I pencil by my computer desk or in my living room. This sketch is fairly rough, just an outline of the character as I find in the process of drawing the character other characteristics may pop into my head. Such as back story and motivation for the character.

The 5 Wubble U's and The One "H"

I ask this of the character, character what are your 5 "W's"? Who, what, when, where and why? Oh and the 1 "h" how... So for example My last character Doctor Pockets started as a name "Mr. Smarty Pants" Now I didn't think this was a bad name but when I started to thumbnail the character I thought he would have these pants full of pockets and gadgets filling each pocket. Then I thought about "why" he would have only pants with "pockets" "why" not a whole suit??? And the word Pockets kept appearing in my head (and on my sketch) so I thought Pockets just sounds better and "who" would wear such a suit? Well could be a mechanic, could be astronaut but a doctor/engineer just might... And then I just kept up with the rest of the W's till they were answered...Oh and the "H" too!

This is the way I do it but I think it would be helpful for your character as long as you keep asking these questions throughout the process. Face it! All 30 characters may not be winners but the point is that you are creating and using that "muffin head" that you call a brain (OK. Maybe I'm the muffin head)...

Use both feet!

Hey you! You can jump in at any time! Just cuz it's November 7 doesn't mean you can't. You can create as many characters as you want as long as you got 30 by the end of November.

You Got Character TOO! I know it!

I want to see or read em! Link em in my comments or Email me! Questions? Love em! Comments Likewise!

My Art Week:

Dude or Dude-ette! Look up. Look way up!!! OK. At least read the previous part of this blog!

Here are the 6 characters I have created... You can look at bigger images and descriptions at Flickr. Friend me and I'll friend YOU!

Whoa! ! You made it to the end!?! Well really it is "just the beginning!" Remember to have fun and keep creating!!!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm a Tool! No really!!!

Well this week I thought I'd discuss the tools of my trade which is much better than tricks of the trade. A couple of people were talking/writing on podcasts and forums about what type of pencil, pen, paper etc. they use, then a daughter of a friend who follows my blog also asked to talk about my tools. How could I turn Emma down!?!

My disclaimer is that this is what I use at the moment of writing. I may change my tools as I go along finding something "better" or something "as good" but less expensive...

As for availability, this is another consideration. I tend to but at least 2 of everything. This saves me from running out before I have to order again. I am not a professional and tend to spend less time at the drawing board so you may want to pick up more than 2 of each.

What Tools?

In fact if I'm not a tool, at best I'm a tool user! Now like many of us I enjoy new stuff. I also enjoy going to my local art store(s) and seeing what is new and exciting in the illustration department. What this means to me is pencils, markers, inks, brushes, paper, rulers, tables, chairs, software, computers, paint, and whatever else I missed errr storage containers and so on... I told ya. I love tools!


OK. I don't spend a huge time at the art store looking at pencils. I have "flitted" from wood and lead art pencils by any company (including many sets bought as gifts by friends) to Mars Staedler drafting pencils (where you purchase the led separately and sharpen in the special rotary sharpener). One problem with the "old school" technical pencil was you had to take the bulky sharpener everywhere. Now they have an attachment that does the trick for you.

9H 8H 7H 6H 5H 4H 3H 2H H F HB B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 9B
Hardest Medium Softest

Lately I have gravitated towards the cheaper technical pencils from any company as my wife and father in law use em and I have an endless supply of pencil leads. As for the softness I tend to stick to HB (hard black) unless I am strictly doing a pencil sketch (no inking). In a pencil sketch I may move from H (hard) F (fine) to B (black) or 2B. I find that I smudge too much if I wander too far down the B's and I have to press too hard if I go too high up the H's...


I use any kind of paper for my sketch ideas. When I was younger I was hung up on getting those black covered sketch books from art stores. I guess I like the idea of standardization so they could sit all neat and cool and in order when they were on my shelf... HA! Not really. They were an inexpensive option.Many art stores had them made and branded for them using fairly low quality sketch paper. The thing is, since the advent of the computer age and the relative inexpensive "fax-scanner-copier-printers" a lot of times I just use standard "8 1/2 by 11" printer paper for my ideas and then scan em into the puter. I use a clipboard from the dollar store when I am TV watching/listening and yes I still have moleskins and hard cover sketch books from the local art store...

Enough for Now:

Whew who knew I could talk so much about pencils and paper? I haven't even reached the different paper grades or markers or brushes or ink. Sigh. Sorry Emma, not that interesting I know! Go! Right now and grab an HB pencil, some paper from the printer and draw!!!

Don't waste time learning the "tricks of the trade." Instead, learn the trade. ~Attributed to both James Charlton and H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)

My Art Week:

Put down the "how to" books and read some Jeffrey Brown. Great stuff!

Did some work on my own stuff including starting an auto biographical sketch book (I think I'll call it As the Puck Strikes Me and other Hockey Stories)

Oh. Here is a quick sketch for Halloween!

I hope I get time to ink and or colour it!

Keep Creating!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inspiration leads to Perspiration!

I'm gonna make you Sweat!

So where do you get your inspiration from? It can strike me anytime and any place. It can be the look of a person, animal or anything I see at my day gig (human or otherwise).
Inspiration can come from a song or pod cast on my mp3 player, or even part of a phrase or discussion! The question is how do I grow these seeds of "inspiration" into the root of an idea?

Well the seeds "usually" start in a pocket size moleskine notebook I carry with with me everywhere. I jot down ideas or even little sketches of things. I write the time and date because I like to know when I am my most creative. I can be at my day gig or visiting someone socially when I am struck by a moment of "brilliance". OK. It may seem like brilliance at the time but many times this "brilliant" idea won't make it past the inspiration stage. And that's where perspiration comes in.

On weekends I pull out the moleskine and see what I have been inspired by the this week. Most ideas lay there on the page but when one feels good enough to move on. I may scan it into my puter (if it's a drawing) or transfer the notes to another bigger notebook I have by my computer. I know this transferring from one place to another may seem like extra work to some people but for me it is kind of a litmus test. If it keeps getting transferred nearer to where I do my work then it usually means I like it and it has inspired me to perspire and meditate some more...

Where do you get your ideas? Do you use a notebook or data phone? Tape recorder or napkin?

Let me know!

My Art Week:

Due to a lot of real life stuff, I have little to add to my art week. Some scribbles and such and I am working on that Art Challenge my art buddies had complete a couple of months ago!

Keep creating!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Criticism! Who needs it?

Let's Get Critical! Critical. I Wanna Get Critical! (Sung to the tune of Olivia Newton John's "Physical")

Inspired by the latest podcast episode 152 of Art and Story The Big Critique

OK. Now I have put that song into your head, I may have taken you to a place where you don't want to go!

Now I'm going to take you to another place you may not want to go! It starts with the dreaded "C" word and some of you may not like it. Most don't. CRITIQUES! There I said it! Many say "critiques are necessary," but are they? I think they are.

I think they are useful when they come from peers and instructors.

I think they are useful when delivered with clear concise language.

I think they are useful to artistic and emotional growth because living in an "art vacuum" can be self defeating, self indulgent and cause one to stagnate!

What do you think?

My Art Week:

Sketching. I filled a bunch of pages of my sketchbook and re-did some thumb nails for my Underbelly comic... I went through some more DVD tutorials for Toonboom Animation Studio. I will do a review of the DVD when I have finished it...

Some sketches I am still working on for a fantasy comic book/idea I have and inking practice...


I'm reading Marvel Masterpiece #1 The Amazing Spider-Man. I love Steve Ditko and his art and plots. You can learn a lot from his character design and panel layouts. I am watching Babylon 5 The writer creator is J. Michael Straczynski who has worked in comics and television for years but I feel this is his strongest work. It is rare that a creator writes most/all of the episodes of a TV series but this allowed him to do some excellent storytelling...


Raul Aguirre Jr.'s foray into teaching animation Intro to Animation is now out!

I will review it here once I have had a chance to watch it! Congrats Raul!

Have a great week and keep creating!


Sunday, October 3, 2010


The "Just Do it" segment

"I can tell you that you won't get better by not doing. In fact logic dictates that the only thing I can tell you is that if you stop, you will fail!"

I attribute the above quote to a comic writer I heard on a podcast months ago. I can't remember his name so if you know who said it, I'd love to give him credit. This writer said that he had many friends who started in the comic book industry and out of all those friends who he started out with, he was the only one still working.

When asked what the secret to his success was he replied. "I didn't quit." Each time he heard someone had quit he thought to himself "I am succeeding because I'm still doing it. I am still here."

We all succeed by the act of doing it. We all succeed because we are still here!

Now the other question (or is it the answer?) How much should we take on?

Well this goes to a discussion I had with one of my Art and Story "mentors" Kevin W. Cross. I had said that I was losing steam in many of the projects that I was working on. He questioned the amount and size of my projects and that I "probably" needed to pare them down... This doesn't mean eliminating them. Just taking on smaller "chunks. It had been mentioned to me by Jerzy Drozd (another Art and Story mentor) and is not the first time artisits have talked about it. Especially when the projects are "personal" and not your "bread and butter"...

So I am parring down and "hopefully" with Kevin's advice and guidance (thank you Obi-Wan) you will see something done real soon!

My Art Week

So it has been a busy week as I have been doing a tutorial in "Toon Boom Studio" nothing worth posting here yet. I have done some inking and work on my Monsters Are Go tribute sketch/strip and I had an office hour (or two) with one of my mentors.

Reading Don Bluth's The Art of Animation Drawing

Bluth is one of the "masters" and he talks about his process. I can't give it a recommend yet as I am just getting into it...

I did some ink and basic colour work on a drawing of a cos play Black Canary from San Diego Comic Con. Here are they are:

24 Hour Comic Day!

It has passed and props go out to all of you who took part! You are all amazing! Check out Rob Stenzinger's 24 hour book!

Keep Creating!