Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mad Inks and Colours

So the World Cup is on... So??? It is quite the spectacle but I'd rather play soccer or "footie" as the rest of the world calls it.

Drawing. Always. But I have been working in Smith Micro's Anime Studio 6 (Debut version) a flash "type" animation program. Yes. I do tend to get side tracked. The good thing is that it still requires drawing... They have updated the program. It is NOT traditional 2d animation but then that means less repetitive drawing. And they are up to version 7. I haven't upgrade yet as I can't find my key code... I have some basic animations done and I'll link them from Youtube when I'm done...

As for my comic work. I am still at it. There is a 8 page mini comic challenge that ends today on the Art and Story Supreme member forum (sign up for a 15 day trial membership and tell em Jahhdog sent ya!) and I have one almost done. I am torn between inking it by hand or scanning it into Manga Studio Debut 4 and inking it there... I know what the faster option is. Can you guess???

Inking is not my forte. It requires a steady hand that can complete that long line. I like the look of a good analog/hand inked sketch (not mine) I said GOOD!!! I have the pens both manga type pen brushes and I have the brushes and I have the quill pens... These methods also require a clean work space not something I am proficient at as my co workers, friends and family will tell you...

So here is my previous self portrait coloured in Manga Studio Debut 4. Basic colouring for my now avatar. What a handsome devil eh?

I use these programs because they are relatively inexpensive and have been recommended to me by other professional artists. That doesn't mean they are the best option out there. They do have free trials associated with them though. So you can try before you buy...

I will post my 8 pager later this week. I also inked a daily drawing challenge and I will post that too!

Drop me a line or comment if you have any questions!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

I've been drawing I swear! Part Deux!

Hi guys. For a guy who likes to "gab" (some say to the point of "verbal masturbation"), I do like solitary endeavors. It works out fine because "my goddess" the fashion designer is a good listener and can also be a solitary person. So when we need a break, we meet somewhere in the middle and break bread or watch a DVD or the movie channel or "pester" the dog ;)

In any case I have been drawing but allot has gone into the sketch book. A couple things have shown up online but not here...

I was goofing with the Art Rage program today and did a self sketch/portrait. I pencilled it then I airbrushed and painted it and got bored. Mixing allot of media almost gives it a "crayon" effect. I don't hate it and it actually looks like me!!!

The weather has been frikin awesome and it is tough to sit down and draw but I'll post a couple other things I've done in the last couple of weeks...


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kids Read Comics Convention June 12-13

Kids and comics used to be synonymous. These comic book creators want that to be the case once again! By holding a FREE convention these creators want to bring the joy and fun back into comics for kids of all ages! June 12-13 in Dearborn, Michigan...

Here is an excerpt from the press release...

"The Kids Read Comics Convention, a free event promoting comics and graphics novels for kids and teens, moves to Dearborn for its second annual celebration on June 12 and 13, 2010. The event will be held in Dearborn’s Henry Ford Centennial Library and feature over fifty artists and writers who work in comics and animation. These creators will lead a variety of hands-on workshops and participate in panel discussions and presentations aimed at kids, teens, parents, teachers and librarians."

Kids and comics are the focus of this convention so if you have a child interested in art and story telling why not take them to the convention and let them take part in some of the workshops.

"Kids Read Comics co-organizer and teaching artist Jerzy Drozd, some of whose students will be displaying their work at the show, “KRC is about giving everyone the tools they need to express themselves creatively through comics. Even if they never become professionals, they can make artistic creation a rewarding lifelong pursuit.”

So grab your kids and jump into the car and head to Dearborn, Michigan the weekend of June 12/13 and tell em Jahhdog sent ya!