Monday, September 21, 2009

Embrace Your Inner Geek!

Some may call it not growing up!

I call it "embracing the inner geek!"

I was watching a show the other night with "my Goddess" and on that show a boyfriend/girlfirend in their mid twenties were talking, he mentions that he forgot something because he had to pick up his weekly comic books. The guy's character is a film school graduate (working as a videographer to pay bills) who reads comic books and the girlfriend is a school teacher. He asks his gf to marry him and she doesn't answer spouting (later in the show to a friend) she wish he'd grow up! In the end she says yes (it is TV after all) but it got me to thinking. No. Not about when will "I" grow up? But have I really embraced my inner geek?

I am a mid 40 year old married guy who loves movies, music, games and books!

All genres all the time!

In those genres I love, there are some that are frowned upon by the general public!?! I love all things horror. I love comic books, I love Sci fi but I also love watching sports, playing hockey, running, my wife, my guitar and on and on...


Genres come and go but Geeks are FOREVER!!!

DISCLAIMER!!! The picture isn't me!!! I'm MUCH GEEKIER!!! YARRRR!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ban the Airshow!

What are they talking about!?! the airshow includes planes from all eras flying down along the waterfront doing tricks and trailing coloured smoke and just showing off! It's pretty cool and I'm not even into planes... But for some grumpy boring Torontonians, they want to ban the airshow cuz it's noisy! BAH!

Why would you ban the airshow (oh the airshow is on for 5 days including practice at the CNE - Canadian National Exhibition - Toronto Canada)

It's 5 days people. So it is a little noisy from 12:30 to 4:30 in the AFTERNOON!

Yes I know people are shift workers but it is mostly on Labor day long weekend and c'mon you live in a major urban centre! You can't deal with a little noise!?! Buses and streetcars run 24 - 7.
Cars drive everywhere all night long!

Give the airshow a break and with that give the CNE a break!

The exhibition has been on a steady slope downwards for the last 10 or more years, let the one thing that it has going for it ALONE!

Now I'm gonna hop on my bike and go down for my second view of the airshow! Get that stick outta yer butt and I'll meet ya down there...


Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Heat is ON!!!

Some thought we'd be wearing sweaters all Summer!

They thought that sun screen would never be needed again!

They expected to have their snow shovels out in August!

Guess what?!? THEY WERE WRONG!

Yep it is the middle of August and we're having a heatwave! A wonderful heatwave! Blah, blah, blah...

I work outside and I like it! The heat? Well it offers different challenges than cold, ice and snow... You can dress up for cold weather but you can only take so much off before your labelled a "pervert" and the police are called in... But enough about me ;)

I can live with the heat. I have heard enough "cottage criers" telling me 'bout sweaters on the beach in June and July. Yes it broke my heart! But seriously, it sucks for the tourist market when they can't get people to rent water sport vehicles and it sucks at the beach when no one is "at the beach"! When we have gone through some pretty tough time recently everyone needs a break!
So I can put up with the heat!

I hydrate, I wear sunblock (OK honey, I "try" to remember to wear sunblock) and I sit down when I feel the "dizzies" Hard to believe eh? But when you are carrying 40 to 60 lbs and walk 10 to 12 kliks in 35 degree heat, you sometimes get the "dizzies"...

Yep. I put up with the heat, like I put up with rude people and lousy drivers. I live with it and you can too. Even if you don't like it because before you know it it will get cold!

Now where did I put that shovel again?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This City Stinks!

Well a month old garbage strike and my "sensitive" Slavic nose is starting to notice!

Yep it stinks! Our mayor has been trying to do damage control telling CNN Toronto is still "good"!

Visit us, we are persevering! The city folk are working together blah blah blah.

You know he was fine as one voice on the city council, as a Mayor he reeks!

He just can't handle the cities infrastructure and like all bad politicians his answer is to tax us more, raise property taxes, tax automobile users, tax plastic bag users...Freaking dick! Okay, so now you know all my friends from outside the GTA (greater Toronto Area)

Don't visit! Screw Mayor Miller!

Wait! On second thought, Please, please visit Toronto!

Just take a bag or two of garbage with you when you leave :D