Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year Same Goals!

Well we are in 2015 (if you hadn't noticed)...

It is the time for me to talk about resolutions and commitments that I didn't keep last year and/or discuss and replace (recycle, re-use) them with new ones I won't keep this year ;)

Trash it!

In the trash with that idea... 

I am for inspiration in 15! It can be found in many places but I think you should choose inspiration closer to home... There are family and friends who have done things that you should pay attention to. Just because they are closer to home we can sometimes disregard their validity...

This isn't fair and it doesn't make sense... Look just because they aren't famous it should be a better choice and a more realistic example of goal completion! A uncle who dropped 25 pounds, an aunt who quit smoking, an art buddy who completed a comic or challenge like a "drawing a day" or the "100 days comic challenge"! 

Now look at yourself... We tend to look at the failures first... There are many "smaller" things we complete in our day to day lives that we take for granted...  A drawing, 

                     reading a book, listening to a process podcast, reading a process blog ;) 

 He Shoots! He Scores!

It all starts with one...  Yes. Goals are good but assists are alright too!

That is why choosing friends and those closer to home are a better choice for inspiration...

 If they can do it, why can't you?!?


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Make it Don't Fake it!

Hey! it's me! How ya doin? Whacha making? I hope it is something fun, interesting and exciting! To YOU! Who cares if I like it? You might, but should you care? Everyone wants to be liked, we are social creatures by nature and part of being in the group "humanis,"  sic  is being a part of the group!

 Liking and being liked helps you join the group but is it necessary with what you are creating?
 Yes and no... If it is part of your job or your income then "hell yeah!" If not, well the world is your art "oyster!" I'm not kidding! Do what makes you feel... Do what makes you think... Just do it! (you may have heard that before) Well you did because it's true... Don't talk the big game, participate!

 That's why I called this "Make it Don't Fake It!". Turn off the puter and get goin (woah not yet, you haven't finished this post!) I try to make every day. Music, pictures, comics, even if it is only 5 minutes and really when I say it will only be 5 minutes it is usually double or more...
 You don't have to post everything you do but if that motivates you then go for it!

I did this! It's from my scribbleboy set... Do you like it? I'm kidding... No. Really! Do you like it? I want to join the group "artis maker humanis" so bad and yes I am sic :D

So what say you? You a maker or a faker? You wanna join the group? Make it don't fake it!

                                                            "Aerosmith - Make it!"


Monday, November 18, 2013

dd181113 Copy

dd181113 Copy, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

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Care - My daily draw 181113 #dd #wugz

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

dd 61113

dd 61113, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Ain't been ignoring you just been up to stuff... Here is a daily draw that hasn't been so daily ;)

Saturday, October 26, 2013


d2613, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

ScreenHunter_05 Oct. 26 18.08

ScreenHunter_05 Oct. 26 18.08, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

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Daily Draw coloured...

Monday, October 14, 2013

broken 131013

broken 131013, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

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broken... #nitedrawz @wugz