Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Frog Grrrrl

Frog Grrrrl, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

My warm up sketch today still working with blacks and blocking...

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Hero

My Hero, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

After having a rough day at my day gig this girl walked by with a pup hanging outta her bag and it made my lousy day melt away...

Done in Art Rage 2.0 with acrylic brush tool and airbrush tool...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kellen The Hunter Character Sketch

Sword and Sexy 2, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

It started as a fool around warm up sketch but I started blocking with black and I may use some of her in my next mini...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sword and Sexy

Sword and Sexy, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Quick Sketch and partial ink blocking warm up for my second mini (possibly) because I'm supposed to be working on my first ;)

My Posts Go "Boom Boom Boom!"

Get the Song Outta My Head!

And let the comics and writing back in! I have been getting back to listening to a bulk of my subscribed podcasts this past week and catching up on those that I have missed recently. The good thing is that I can listen at my day gig or while I am inking. I can't listen when I a thumbing or drawing because my thoughts go "Boom Boom Boom" ... Err oh no I apologize for that ...

Ok. My point is that I tend to listen to podcasts when my mind is doing repetitive mindless tasks Sometimes inking is this for me ... OK! I know inking shouldn't be this for me as I have a long way to go ... Inking is something I am working on and I am still doing lots of experimenting with line weight in Manga EX and by hand.

Dramatica - I listened to a podcast and "Comics Are Great" Podcast Finding Story Through Math where host Jerzy Drozd and guest Luis Escobar discuss the use of Dramatica a computer writing program that assists you in getting your ideas out on paper and arranging them in an orderly flow chart like story. There are some interesting things that Dramatica can do like tighten up your story but sorry my friends! It can't give you story ideas. You can learn more here but the podcast is definitley a good place to start.

A comment on these types of programs whether they be story or art related. There is no substitute for doing it yourself. You must practicing your craft! The act of doing will make you a better but it takes work . Don't go invest hundreds of dollars in these programs thinking they will do the work for you or make you the next big thing in any of these disciplines. What will do this is work, lots of hard work! Mind you, after doing the work and you need a "slight push," these programs may help you but as I said they aren't substitutes for any phase of the learning process....

Future Furniture:

I need a new computer table as the one I have likes to move when I am using my Wacom tablet and it's really starting to bug me...

I wish my Uncle was still in the furniture making business as he made beautiful stuff...

I was going to make one myself but it looks like the cost of wood is pointing me towards any sale at the local (insert big block store name here) store.

I want a corner table with room for monitor and storage underneath. If you have any ideas send me an Email...

My Art Week:

I have doing more thumbs for my Mini Comic including thi here study on poses and shade/ black blocking...

RA Super Dog 1

RA Super Dog 2
1st Pose

RA Super Dog 4
Changed Pose with blocking...

Not much reading this week in any of the previously mentioned books and therefore I don't want to comment until I have finished them...

As always my friends sit down and create (or stand) if you are at an easel!


Monday, January 17, 2011

The Drinking Detectives

The Drinking Detectives, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

The Drinking Detectives

Matt and Jess met at AA and decided to explore their detecting addiction together...

Who knew this addiction would lead to mystery, mayhem and unmasking...

A Surprise Post!

I liked 30 characters in 30 days and I always have characters unrealized in my head so I thought, no I needed to put them out on paper.

I have had different comments recently regarding my art style. Some positive, some not. "Too messy, too fast" was one comment versus a positive one was they like the "spontaneity and slapdash line work!"

I remember an art teacher who used to tell me that "feeling and good art don't always come from a straight line" the more I think on it, the more I agree with her...


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going to the Dump!

A Mini Comic Dump Truck that is:

This week started my full fledged immersion into everything mini comics. I decided after having my office hour with mentor, illustrator and all around Punk Rock god Kevin W. Cross of and Art & Story Podcast that I would try and find out more about this thing called mini comics. Lo and behold I searched my local library and nothing was to be found, though I had it on good authority that some libraries carry zines and mini comics ours doesn't seem to be one of them! Oh well...

This Weeks Mini Comics Plan:

My plan was to thumb and ink a panel every day of the week. Well what clown decided to dump1- snow 2-in my city 3-in Winter even? C'mon!!! My day gig is a Letter Carrier for the glorious Government Corporation that is Canada Post! So I walk an average of 11 to 16 km a day carrying 40 to 60 lbs of mail, flyers and parcels on my back. Add a foot or two of snow and ice to the mix and well let's just say a daily fall is not out of the question actually after a snow fall it is practically routine. This leads me to being pretty sore and exhausted by the time I return home so that all I want to do is have a hot shower, eat and curl up in front of the fire with my wife and dog (though there isn't much room for all three of us and my wife and dog usually win out for primo fireplace space)

So I curled Up In Front of the Puter:

So what did I do? I researched web comics, and mini comics and html for
my site which is waiting for more content... I did happen to do a few things later in the week when I was back into the snow routine and even guested on a soon to be released Art and Story Alive podcast with my Mark Rudolph, Kevin and fellow Storriors (comic artists) who are also involved in the Mini Comic Dump Truck challenge! Hear my dulcet tones and listen to where we are in the process. It is 60 minutes and it's FREE! And best of all?!? I'm on it!!!

My Art Week:

I posted a quick inking of Kellen the Hunter here and I am working on the cover of my first mini comic. A mentioned participated in 60 minute podcast on the creative process of a mini comic.
I picked up a couple books including Webcomics 2.0 (looks like it will be a library borrow or discount purchase recommend)
Jack Hamm's - Cartooning the Head and Figure (shaping up to be a Howling Jahhdog Must Buy!)

Animals in Motion - E. Muybridge (possibly another Howling Jahhdog must buy!)

I am using these as reference for my mini comics and my upcoming web comic...

Howling Jahhdog Alert:

I will be doing a reference book update/review blog in the next couple of weeks including more on my rating systems so if you have any other books you could recommend, send me the links!

Well off to finish my cover and create more stuff! You go and do the same, NOW!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kellen the hunter

kellen the hunter, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Quick sketch of Kellen the Hunter a 30 characters creation that is floating round my head like the snow outside my studio window today. A possible character for my mini comics dump truck challenge issue 2!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fostering Creative Enthusiasm

It is what I do!

That artist sucks! I could do better with my eyes closed! Or much worse comments. I have heard em and I have made em.

Yes. I wasn't always the "support creativity" guy. I used to be the “tear down others” to make me feel better guy! I don't deny I occasionally fall back into the bad habit and always feel the worse for it. I’m not perfect! But I do realize it is a habit, a BAD one and I am constantly trying to correct it!

Part of the problem, I was surrounded by the negativity of others. Too many people that seemed to get pure joy in blocking the creative process of others. This could be comments made about a piece of art, music, food etc. that a person made. It could be in the comments made about a person learning how to make something. What it seemed to be was the selfishness of the other person resenting others.

Oh I could go on my but my minor in Psychology (with not so great marks) doesn’t qualify me at all. I can only speak to my experience. If you find any similarities in your bad habits or those around you I say "STOP, DON'T, RESPECT" okay I was trying to be creative errr like say "stop drop and roll" ;)

You may not stop the other person but your stopping yourself. Yes. You read it here. Yourself!

Now enough sermonizing, break the chain and go, be positive, and create!

My Work Week!

I had a skype meeting with Kevin W. Cross one of the mentors of Art and Story regarding my mini comic dump truck entry. This is a Art and Story Supreme event that started January 1, 2011 and runs until June 31st, 2011. You need to be a supreme subscriber to art and story or at least the Forum which I believe is ONLY 2 dollars a month!!!

I plan on creating two stories of 8 pages minimum and then sending them (floppies versus snail mail) to all the members who joined the Mini Comic Dump Truck challenge (I believe there are roughly 12 or 15 of us at the moment). So that will mean 12 or 15 copies minimum of comics that each of us will get at the end of this journey.

I have only drawn comics for family and friends ans myself so this will be a great experience. I will post some of the pages here and will definitely have it up on my web site after it has been sent out all the "drivers" of this mini comics dump truck.

Oh and I finally collected all my 30 characters into a video, all in one place to some cool music!

My Heartfelt Thanks!

Well as you know my Dad passed away almost 2 weeks ago and I wanted to thank all of you for your kind hearted Email, Tweets and comments.

NOW, go out and create something!!!