Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going to the Dump!

A Mini Comic Dump Truck that is:

This week started my full fledged immersion into everything mini comics. I decided after having my office hour with mentor, illustrator and all around Punk Rock god Kevin W. Cross of and Art & Story Podcast that I would try and find out more about this thing called mini comics. Lo and behold I searched my local library and nothing was to be found, though I had it on good authority that some libraries carry zines and mini comics ours doesn't seem to be one of them! Oh well...

This Weeks Mini Comics Plan:

My plan was to thumb and ink a panel every day of the week. Well what clown decided to dump1- snow 2-in my city 3-in Winter even? C'mon!!! My day gig is a Letter Carrier for the glorious Government Corporation that is Canada Post! So I walk an average of 11 to 16 km a day carrying 40 to 60 lbs of mail, flyers and parcels on my back. Add a foot or two of snow and ice to the mix and well let's just say a daily fall is not out of the question actually after a snow fall it is practically routine. This leads me to being pretty sore and exhausted by the time I return home so that all I want to do is have a hot shower, eat and curl up in front of the fire with my wife and dog (though there isn't much room for all three of us and my wife and dog usually win out for primo fireplace space)

So I curled Up In Front of the Puter:

So what did I do? I researched web comics, and mini comics and html for
my site which is waiting for more content... I did happen to do a few things later in the week when I was back into the snow routine and even guested on a soon to be released Art and Story Alive podcast with my Mark Rudolph, Kevin and fellow Storriors (comic artists) who are also involved in the Mini Comic Dump Truck challenge! Hear my dulcet tones and listen to where we are in the process. It is 60 minutes and it's FREE! And best of all?!? I'm on it!!!

My Art Week:

I posted a quick inking of Kellen the Hunter here and I am working on the cover of my first mini comic. A mentioned participated in 60 minute podcast on the creative process of a mini comic.
I picked up a couple books including Webcomics 2.0 (looks like it will be a library borrow or discount purchase recommend)
Jack Hamm's - Cartooning the Head and Figure (shaping up to be a Howling Jahhdog Must Buy!)

Animals in Motion - E. Muybridge (possibly another Howling Jahhdog must buy!)

I am using these as reference for my mini comics and my upcoming web comic...

Howling Jahhdog Alert:

I will be doing a reference book update/review blog in the next couple of weeks including more on my rating systems so if you have any other books you could recommend, send me the links!

Well off to finish my cover and create more stuff! You go and do the same, NOW!


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