Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fostering Creative Enthusiasm

It is what I do!

That artist sucks! I could do better with my eyes closed! Or much worse comments. I have heard em and I have made em.

Yes. I wasn't always the "support creativity" guy. I used to be the “tear down others” to make me feel better guy! I don't deny I occasionally fall back into the bad habit and always feel the worse for it. I’m not perfect! But I do realize it is a habit, a BAD one and I am constantly trying to correct it!

Part of the problem, I was surrounded by the negativity of others. Too many people that seemed to get pure joy in blocking the creative process of others. This could be comments made about a piece of art, music, food etc. that a person made. It could be in the comments made about a person learning how to make something. What it seemed to be was the selfishness of the other person resenting others.

Oh I could go on my but my minor in Psychology (with not so great marks) doesn’t qualify me at all. I can only speak to my experience. If you find any similarities in your bad habits or those around you I say "STOP, DON'T, RESPECT" okay I was trying to be creative errr like say "stop drop and roll" ;)

You may not stop the other person but your stopping yourself. Yes. You read it here. Yourself!

Now enough sermonizing, break the chain and go, be positive, and create!

My Work Week!

I had a skype meeting with Kevin W. Cross one of the mentors of Art and Story regarding my mini comic dump truck entry. This is a Art and Story Supreme event that started January 1, 2011 and runs until June 31st, 2011. You need to be a supreme subscriber to art and story or at least the Forum which I believe is ONLY 2 dollars a month!!!

I plan on creating two stories of 8 pages minimum and then sending them (floppies versus snail mail) to all the members who joined the Mini Comic Dump Truck challenge (I believe there are roughly 12 or 15 of us at the moment). So that will mean 12 or 15 copies minimum of comics that each of us will get at the end of this journey.

I have only drawn comics for family and friends ans myself so this will be a great experience. I will post some of the pages here and will definitely have it up on my web site after it has been sent out all the "drivers" of this mini comics dump truck.

Oh and I finally collected all my 30 characters into a video, all in one place to some cool music!

My Heartfelt Thanks!

Well as you know my Dad passed away almost 2 weeks ago and I wanted to thank all of you for your kind hearted Email, Tweets and comments.

NOW, go out and create something!!!



  1. Awesome, Jahh!!!!!
    Great production on the 30 chararcter video!
    Lets kick some butt this year!
    Thanks for sharing your enthusiam!

  2. Thanks Jose! Have a great birthday!