Monday, September 7, 2009

Ban the Airshow!

What are they talking about!?! the airshow includes planes from all eras flying down along the waterfront doing tricks and trailing coloured smoke and just showing off! It's pretty cool and I'm not even into planes... But for some grumpy boring Torontonians, they want to ban the airshow cuz it's noisy! BAH!

Why would you ban the airshow (oh the airshow is on for 5 days including practice at the CNE - Canadian National Exhibition - Toronto Canada)

It's 5 days people. So it is a little noisy from 12:30 to 4:30 in the AFTERNOON!

Yes I know people are shift workers but it is mostly on Labor day long weekend and c'mon you live in a major urban centre! You can't deal with a little noise!?! Buses and streetcars run 24 - 7.
Cars drive everywhere all night long!

Give the airshow a break and with that give the CNE a break!

The exhibition has been on a steady slope downwards for the last 10 or more years, let the one thing that it has going for it ALONE!

Now I'm gonna hop on my bike and go down for my second view of the airshow! Get that stick outta yer butt and I'll meet ya down there...


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