Saturday, June 19, 2010

I've been drawing I swear! Part Deux!

Hi guys. For a guy who likes to "gab" (some say to the point of "verbal masturbation"), I do like solitary endeavors. It works out fine because "my goddess" the fashion designer is a good listener and can also be a solitary person. So when we need a break, we meet somewhere in the middle and break bread or watch a DVD or the movie channel or "pester" the dog ;)

In any case I have been drawing but allot has gone into the sketch book. A couple things have shown up online but not here...

I was goofing with the Art Rage program today and did a self sketch/portrait. I pencilled it then I airbrushed and painted it and got bored. Mixing allot of media almost gives it a "crayon" effect. I don't hate it and it actually looks like me!!!

The weather has been frikin awesome and it is tough to sit down and draw but I'll post a couple other things I've done in the last couple of weeks...


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