Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Good Sport 19/30

The Good Sport 19/30, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

"The Good Sport" 19/30

Klak is a forward scout for a “supposed” alien invasion fleet from the planet Bingosia. He has been hiding on the other side of the Moon for the past 100 years. Just…observing. Actually he has been watching sports on TV. Klak has become a fanatic. He thinks that athletes are the Earth’s gladiators and he wishes he could be one! Now Klak will have his chance as his ship malfunctions and sends Klak plummeting to the Earth in the year 2010!

What will become of Klak and his sports obsession?

Will he be successful in his quest to become the first being to win every sports championship on the world?!?

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