Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Path of Your Own! Be Safe, Be Reflective, GRIT YOUR TEETH AND GIV'ER!!!!

My Week:

So it's Sunday! Day 28 of 30 in the 30 Character Challenge (click the banner to the right to find out more!) I'm reflective as I near the end of this challenge. I have four or five thumbs or partial sketches ready to go. That's great because I only need 4! Limiting the inking on the last few has helped me along and talking amongst fellow 30 character "challengees" about their recent experiences has also has greatly helped (these are other cool and crazy art guys you should be checking out: Rene van Belzen, Bob Learned, calmplexlocust, Rob Stenzinger and Jose Gonzalez!)

It is neat what can get you motivated to try new/old things.

I picked up some cheap dollar store water colours as well as some tube ones in doing the 30 character challenge I have found my "painting juices" flowing again. I know. I know. Make sure I clean up after myself..

My Art Week:

If you noticed I hit a bit of bump in the road the last couple of days as real life stuff has heated up just when it is getting cold in Toronto! No snow yet but I know it is coming (so is Christmas) Black Friday has just passed south of the border and Turkey holiday is almost over. I hope all of you that celebrated it, had your fill and those that are "running" this 30 character "race" along with me should have the necessary nutrition to grind out the last few characters!

So as I said four more characters to go. I'm gonna start working on 27 as soon as I post this! Thanks for all the positive comments! Here and Twitter and Buzz mail and Facebook. The time will come soon when my stuff will be collected into one location. My friend's daughter asked me to do a commission for a Christmas gift for a classmate so I am excited, I will post it here. I hope she can afford me ;)

30 Character mates we are nearing the wire, GRIT YOUR TEETH AND GIV'ER!!!!

Be creative guys, it will make a healthier, happier you!


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