Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Knew I had Character (so far 6)!

Hey Fool! Where's Part Two bout tools?

Errr sorry my blog is being hijacked by the "30 Character Challenge!" Tools will be back at the end of the month or sprinkled into each blog... Why? Because it's my blog and because I can!!!

Character Building!

So it is nearing the end of week one of the 30 character challenge. The idea came from Tyler James and more info can be found at The 30 Character Challenge. I didn't sign up at the official site but the challenge was taken up by members of the Art and Story Supreme "Storriors" including one of the lead "Storriors" Kevin Cross.

What is 30 in 30? (my name for the challenge)

So basically you need to come up with 30 new characters in the 30 days of November. You don't need to put one out every day but you need to have 30 created by the end of November 30th. If you are a writer you could come up with character descriptions as long as you have 30 of em! It's not just about drawing, it's about being creative!!!

So what have you done Mr. Jahhdog?!?

Well, I have completed 6 characters as of this posting, I plan on doing one a day. I find that right now this schedule suits me and my routine. I'm notorious for missing deadlines that I set. OK. I don't just miss em, obliterate em!

How do you do it Mr. J?

I find that what works for me to get a character idea in my head, might start with a name, might be a clothing ora costume idea, might be a female I see, might be an animal, might be an era. Might be ANYHTHING!

Once I have a general idea from "a couple" of these things I start to brain storm onto a notebook or piece of paper. This leads into my thumbnail...

I "usually" thumbnail (with pencil) a small sketch in a notebook. It could be the book in my pocket at my day gig (but since I'm outside, usually not). Most often I pencil by my computer desk or in my living room. This sketch is fairly rough, just an outline of the character as I find in the process of drawing the character other characteristics may pop into my head. Such as back story and motivation for the character.

The 5 Wubble U's and The One "H"

I ask this of the character, character what are your 5 "W's"? Who, what, when, where and why? Oh and the 1 "h" how... So for example My last character Doctor Pockets started as a name "Mr. Smarty Pants" Now I didn't think this was a bad name but when I started to thumbnail the character I thought he would have these pants full of pockets and gadgets filling each pocket. Then I thought about "why" he would have only pants with "pockets" "why" not a whole suit??? And the word Pockets kept appearing in my head (and on my sketch) so I thought Pockets just sounds better and "who" would wear such a suit? Well could be a mechanic, could be astronaut but a doctor/engineer just might... And then I just kept up with the rest of the W's till they were answered...Oh and the "H" too!

This is the way I do it but I think it would be helpful for your character as long as you keep asking these questions throughout the process. Face it! All 30 characters may not be winners but the point is that you are creating and using that "muffin head" that you call a brain (OK. Maybe I'm the muffin head)...

Use both feet!

Hey you! You can jump in at any time! Just cuz it's November 7 doesn't mean you can't. You can create as many characters as you want as long as you got 30 by the end of November.

You Got Character TOO! I know it!

I want to see or read em! Link em in my comments or Email me! Questions? Love em! Comments Likewise!

My Art Week:

Dude or Dude-ette! Look up. Look way up!!! OK. At least read the previous part of this blog!

Here are the 6 characters I have created... You can look at bigger images and descriptions at Flickr. Friend me and I'll friend YOU!

Whoa! ! You made it to the end!?! Well really it is "just the beginning!" Remember to have fun and keep creating!!!


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