Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sooooo I hit 20!

Characters That Is:

Okay I'm a "little' older than that ;) If you have been following the 30 in 30 character challenge that I have been taking part in then you know that I hit 20 today. I actually have a couple other characters I am considering working on this evening to get me to 21 which is where I'd like to be today...

Meet the New "Tool", Same as The Old "Tool":

I upgraded Manga Debut 4.0 to EX 4.0. It was 120.00 dollars for the download but you can also search for a coupon and (save 12.00 I believe it is fallsale) so I went ahead. It will be a while before I learn all the new features of the upgrade. I know it will be especially helpful with setting up pages because of the different panel features and the new colouring features too!

What I have Learned:

I learned I can do 20 characters in 20 er 21 days. I know they aren't perfect but many are usable. I learned that some days I think of it as a chore until I start drawing and then I like it. OK. I mostly like it... Some days I start the character and then I start inking it and I'm not thrilled with it, but I have to push through because this is "just a exercise" after all. This is how we learn what we need to work on and what we don't (I think I said that last week) Well, at least I am consistent!

My Art Week:

30 characters exercise. Look around here and you will see it. Thanks to all for the comments on Twitter and Facebook and Gmail Buzz.

Now get goin and create sumthin!


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