Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home for The Holiday

Happy Holidays!

This time of year is a busy time especially when I don't travel to my wife's family for Christmas.

So what is up? Well I am now officially It is a place where you can go to find all the stuff I'm working on and contact me for projects sketches etc. Of course I haven't put anything up but this:

Why did you do it Michael?

Well it was on advice from a few art buddies and podcasts in that you don't want your stuff spread out over too many sites on the Internet. The cost was nominal. Just getting my domain and finding a host that would allow me to buy a month (to check out their reliability) versus paying for a year and finding out that they aren't reliable. I'll let you know how it progresses but follow me there!

My Art Week:

It has been a week of sketching and thumb-nailing which I have decided to turn into "ham-fisting" errr I mean much larger thumb-nails. I am either doing them in my sketch book or in Manga Debut 4 EX. Those not done in Manga 4 will be scanned into the program and shrunk down and arranged into the order that works. The only concern I have is spreading my story out into too many places because I am NOT the most organized person and I don't want to lose any panels.

I was emailed by an art buddy to collaborate on a future project. I think the idea is good but my time is being spread between 3 comic projects and a web site right now so I have decided to shrink down my three comics projects so I can work on this new idea. Will it work? Only time will tell...

I asked Santa to send me some new Crayola Pencils and Crayons for Christmas, they sharpen themselves! I hope you get some fun stuff too!

Have a Happy Holiday!

Enjoy the 3 F's at this time of year! Family Friends and Food!

Oh and don't forget to squeeze in some time for creating!


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