Saturday, October 9, 2010

Criticism! Who needs it?

Let's Get Critical! Critical. I Wanna Get Critical! (Sung to the tune of Olivia Newton John's "Physical")

Inspired by the latest podcast episode 152 of Art and Story The Big Critique

OK. Now I have put that song into your head, I may have taken you to a place where you don't want to go!

Now I'm going to take you to another place you may not want to go! It starts with the dreaded "C" word and some of you may not like it. Most don't. CRITIQUES! There I said it! Many say "critiques are necessary," but are they? I think they are.

I think they are useful when they come from peers and instructors.

I think they are useful when delivered with clear concise language.

I think they are useful to artistic and emotional growth because living in an "art vacuum" can be self defeating, self indulgent and cause one to stagnate!

What do you think?

My Art Week:

Sketching. I filled a bunch of pages of my sketchbook and re-did some thumb nails for my Underbelly comic... I went through some more DVD tutorials for Toonboom Animation Studio. I will do a review of the DVD when I have finished it...

Some sketches I am still working on for a fantasy comic book/idea I have and inking practice...


I'm reading Marvel Masterpiece #1 The Amazing Spider-Man. I love Steve Ditko and his art and plots. You can learn a lot from his character design and panel layouts. I am watching Babylon 5 The writer creator is J. Michael Straczynski who has worked in comics and television for years but I feel this is his strongest work. It is rare that a creator writes most/all of the episodes of a TV series but this allowed him to do some excellent storytelling...


Raul Aguirre Jr.'s foray into teaching animation Intro to Animation is now out!

I will review it here once I have had a chance to watch it! Congrats Raul!

Have a great week and keep creating!



  1. Great post, Jahhdog!
    My little take...
    - from peers, teachers, artists - priceless! (when done under a constructive and positive light of course)
    - from non-arts people - watch where it comes from. A lot of folks envy that you've tried and worked at it, and will take the opportunity to feel superior without backing. ("I don't know art, but I know what I like" - what if what you like is crap? :) ) - Then again, the uninformed, and feeling driven comment and critique can be priceless as well.
    I take critiques from anyone, and have learned my lesson. Be aware where it comes from, and dismiss the uninformed, and obviously destructive.
    Even destructive criticism can be positive at times, even if you have to bear the brunt of the frontal attack.
    Hope I don't sound presumptious. Mainly I try to take everything in stride, and learn from it.
    Oh... I ordered Raul's DVD as well. Woot!
    Hope you enjoy Toon Boom. One of these days I'll hit it too.
    Best of luck with the comic, man! Looks promising.
    Great post, once again! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't think it is presumptuous. I think you can learn about yourself and your art from all criticism. You just have to be careful how much "weight" you give each critique...


  3. Critiques are a touchy subject. So many of us have sat through bad, mean-spirited, and ultimately unproductive critiques... I try and live by the old adage "treat others the way you wish to be treated" -- I am honest and fair in the critiques I give and expect the same from those critiquing me. The key ingredient is respect. Be respectful to those you critique.