Sunday, October 3, 2010


The "Just Do it" segment

"I can tell you that you won't get better by not doing. In fact logic dictates that the only thing I can tell you is that if you stop, you will fail!"

I attribute the above quote to a comic writer I heard on a podcast months ago. I can't remember his name so if you know who said it, I'd love to give him credit. This writer said that he had many friends who started in the comic book industry and out of all those friends who he started out with, he was the only one still working.

When asked what the secret to his success was he replied. "I didn't quit." Each time he heard someone had quit he thought to himself "I am succeeding because I'm still doing it. I am still here."

We all succeed by the act of doing it. We all succeed because we are still here!

Now the other question (or is it the answer?) How much should we take on?

Well this goes to a discussion I had with one of my Art and Story "mentors" Kevin W. Cross. I had said that I was losing steam in many of the projects that I was working on. He questioned the amount and size of my projects and that I "probably" needed to pare them down... This doesn't mean eliminating them. Just taking on smaller "chunks. It had been mentioned to me by Jerzy Drozd (another Art and Story mentor) and is not the first time artisits have talked about it. Especially when the projects are "personal" and not your "bread and butter"...

So I am parring down and "hopefully" with Kevin's advice and guidance (thank you Obi-Wan) you will see something done real soon!

My Art Week

So it has been a busy week as I have been doing a tutorial in "Toon Boom Studio" nothing worth posting here yet. I have done some inking and work on my Monsters Are Go tribute sketch/strip and I had an office hour (or two) with one of my mentors.

Reading Don Bluth's The Art of Animation Drawing

Bluth is one of the "masters" and he talks about his process. I can't give it a recommend yet as I am just getting into it...

I did some ink and basic colour work on a drawing of a cos play Black Canary from San Diego Comic Con. Here are they are:

24 Hour Comic Day!

It has passed and props go out to all of you who took part! You are all amazing! Check out Rob Stenzinger's 24 hour book!

Keep Creating!


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