Sunday, September 26, 2010

Animate Me!

"Why Animation?"

A friend asked me recently what I was working on and I told her "I am learning to animate." "Animation, that's a lot of drawing!" she said. Hehe, yep but I like it!

I have always had a love for animation. It was a path I considered after high school but the process of drawing hundreds and thousands of pictures for months to get to a finished project did not appeal to me. Fast forward 25 years later and we have all these amazing animation programs that cut out the middle man (in a lot of cases) Okay cut out is maybe the wrong word. Simplify and speed up the process might be better word choices.

I know there are purists who say "Hand drawn is the best!" Yes, you may be right! But is it the best for me? Everyone has a different way of doing things, it is the final result that should be celebrated. I'm not saying the process shouldn't be celebrated too. I love hearing about other artist's process. I always will. But what works for them may not work for me. Cartoonist Jerzy Drozd always prefaces his discussion of his process by saying "it is what works for him," and is "not the only way to do it." I like that. Also experimenting is what leads to different results. Sometimes better!

"My Art Week"

Reading more about animation (see last post).

As for drawing, sometimes the big projects can get tiresome and I need a break. I did pencil a page of my mini comic (not ready to show it) and I storyboarded an idea for a short animation but the rest of the week was spent mostly doodling. I did some quick sketches while watching Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes and doodle to music on the puter.

"Stuff to Show"

I did a comic for an art challenge that lost steam last month but I need something other than scribbles and doodles. It is based on a character from Kevin W. Cross' Monsters Are Go! and it is the first pencil some inks and I want to colour it but it ain't done yet...

Keep on creating!


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