Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do What Makes You Feel Good!

So I sit here pumped that two thirds (Mark, Jerzy) plus (Sara "knifeman" Turner) of the Art and Story crew are having a good time at SPXPO! Nothing is better than having some great interaction with fellow creators. Getting positive feedback from the crowd is great and selling some books just tops it all off!

So if you follow what I say not as I do ;) then you know I have a love for comics, animation, drawing and writing... I began 2010 with a goal of completing a comic, actually a graphic novel I have been planning and working on (actually off and on) for the last couple of years. I have been lucky enough to get support from a collective of artists that are members of the Art an Story Supreme family or as they are affectionately known "Storriors". They have their own projects they are working on but whenever I have a question there are more than a few ready to help.

So where am I going with this? Well, I'm not sure... When I have some spare time I find myself working in Toonboom Studio and loving it. It is similar to cartooning but very different at the same time. I have spent a lot of time learning to draw a proper walk sequence and I still haven't got it down. Not surprising since some animators work their whole life to master a good walk sequence! I may post some of my trials soon...

As for comics, I still have my comic ideas and I will finish that mini! Just not right now... I am doing what makes me feel good and isn't that what life is all about!

I am reading:

Get animated! : creating professional cartoon animation on your home computer by Tim Maloney

It's got some interesting ideas in regards to creating animation on your home computer. I think the book suffers from spreading itself a little thin by trying to cover too much. A worthwhile read for those just starting out or interested in creating animation as a hobby. Students considering animation as a profession could also benefit from this book...

Keep Creating!



  1. Hey Jahh... good post.
    Curious about them walk cycles.
    Did you get to try the famous bouncing ball, or flour sack exercises I hear about from animators?
    Keep plugging man!

  2. Thanks G'man!

    Yeah I have done a couple the bouncing ball tests. I have one where I added a dog and I might post it but it is very "ruff" :D

    I think I saw the flour sack exercise in another book but haven't tried it...

    For me the hardest part of my walk cycle is getting the walk to look fluid and have a cadence that is consistent. No two walks are the same but I'd like to make a walk cycle that is smooth before I start adding "personality"...