Saturday, September 18, 2010

All the Possibilities

This is a shout out to all my homies. My art buddies and super frenz who find the strength to keep going even when they feel like a "bag of turtles".

This has been one of those weeks for me. I have had a variation of some sort of cold for the last 7 days and I haven't felt like doing anything but sleep. I did find the energy "somehow" to work, come home and sleep. OK. I went to my first league hockey game but before you bust my ass saying "sure, you found the energy to "play a game"! I went to hockey because I am coach, manager, and beer bringer and we had 6 new players joining us this week (and 2 other guys called in sick!).

So what has this to do with art and creating? Well, It is a complement to last week's blog of doing what makes you feel good. OK. That makes sense, right? Well what happens when you are on a deadline, self imposed or otherwise? How do you make it to the "finish line" when you are sick? I have the "luxury" of having a day job that pays me whether I show up for work or not. That is the glory of working for a government corporation... But, what about those of you out there who are self employed? I know who you are! My wife is one of you. How do you find the intestinal fortitude to push through? Yes. I know that money or paycheck to live is a great motivator but it has to be more... Most artists know they aren't going to become rich doing their art so it needs to be more. That is it! It is need. Not need for the paycheck but the need to be creating. I know, I know. I mention this a lot. A lot! But why else would you do it? The paycheck isn't huge. It isn't always regular. It probably won't ever be. But the payoff is in the process. The payoff is in the completion and the constant motion of creating. Of improving, and all the possibilities...

This week came down to mostly reading about art and reading a couple of trades.

Mouse Guard Vol. 1 is drawn and written by David Petersen and is an epic "tail" of a medieval forest society where Mice live and speak like men and have all of the same problems...

The Guard are the protectors of the mouse society and they must go on a quest to save their way of life.

It is beautifully illustrated and is appropriate for all ages.

Oh and it got me wanting to do a "very quick, very rough, mouse animation.

Hey guys if you're sick, feel better and keep creating!


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