Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inspiration leads to Perspiration!

I'm gonna make you Sweat!

So where do you get your inspiration from? It can strike me anytime and any place. It can be the look of a person, animal or anything I see at my day gig (human or otherwise).
Inspiration can come from a song or pod cast on my mp3 player, or even part of a phrase or discussion! The question is how do I grow these seeds of "inspiration" into the root of an idea?

Well the seeds "usually" start in a pocket size moleskine notebook I carry with with me everywhere. I jot down ideas or even little sketches of things. I write the time and date because I like to know when I am my most creative. I can be at my day gig or visiting someone socially when I am struck by a moment of "brilliance". OK. It may seem like brilliance at the time but many times this "brilliant" idea won't make it past the inspiration stage. And that's where perspiration comes in.

On weekends I pull out the moleskine and see what I have been inspired by the this week. Most ideas lay there on the page but when one feels good enough to move on. I may scan it into my puter (if it's a drawing) or transfer the notes to another bigger notebook I have by my computer. I know this transferring from one place to another may seem like extra work to some people but for me it is kind of a litmus test. If it keeps getting transferred nearer to where I do my work then it usually means I like it and it has inspired me to perspire and meditate some more...

Where do you get your ideas? Do you use a notebook or data phone? Tape recorder or napkin?

Let me know!

My Art Week:

Due to a lot of real life stuff, I have little to add to my art week. Some scribbles and such and I am working on that Art Challenge my art buddies had complete a couple of months ago!

Keep creating!


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  1. Vulcan mind melt with an encyclopedia. It already contains all the information of the world.

    If that doesn't work, separate sheets of paper. I have stacks of those all over my house. Sometimes I find a stack I had completely forgotten, underneath a stack of books I hadn't read before. It is a mess.

    So I rather opt for a Vulcan mind melt with an encyclopedia. Seems much less messy and time-consuming than going through stacks of yellowish pieces of paper in undisclosed locations.

    The only problem is that I'm not a Vulcan, but that's a mere technicality.