Monday, April 4, 2011

This is the Modern World!

Digital or Analog-ue?

Am I a modern man in a modern world? Or am I lazy and illegitimate? All good, legitimate questions when it comes to using digital art programs in the modern age...

I have been mis-using Manga Studio 4 Ex for a few months now. I have yet to come to terms with all the different aspects of the program. You can pencil ink and colour in this program. You can also letter. I tend to find something that works for me and go from there. Maybe not perfect, but functionable. I know that they are just tools and if you can't draw a straight line they aren't gonna do that for you, erm uh wait, yeah, they are, there are rulers, perspective line helpers, line correction settings and lots more tools etc. Ok. Then they aren't gonna teach you how to draw a human body, a tree or anything for that matter! Are they going to compose a proper picture for you! NO. They aren't. That is where art comes in.

NO! Not that Art! (he is annoying)

Art in a design sense. Art through experience. Art through creativity...

Have I mastered any of these? No. And neither of us have to. But we have to want to learn!

And in learning and knowing, that is half the battle!

Tools will always be that. They will fall or fail in the place of experience or lack of it.

Points to ponder...

My Comic Book Reads:
ArrrOOga! ArrrOOga! Jahhdog Guilty Pleasure Alert!!!

Kick Ass 2 Issue 2

I read the second issue of Millar and Romita Jr's Kick Ass Volume 2 and like Kick Ass it is still appealing to me. Millar is one writer whose characters are violent yes but they also come from a place where we all have been or could be. I enjoy Romita's plots and the finishes and colour style are what I love... Serious story? No! Fun? Hell yeah!
4 outta 5 howls!

Artists on Comic Art

A book by Mark Salisbury who interviews influential comic artists from the 80's and 90's . they talk about their process, their schooling and layout ideas etc. An interesting read for those who have any interest in the history of comic artists and/or their process.
3.5 outta 5 howls

My Art Week:

Artrage Studio Pro has fallen under my spell err the other way round. George Ward also known as DungeonWarden on the Twitters is a big proponent of this program and I admit as a free wheeling drawing program I think it is aces! I may have to splurge on this one...

I have spent more time drawing panels for my comic and have an upcoming announcement regarding and me...

Thanks for the comments and follows, it heartens me to know that you are out there and that you are journeying along with me for without art in life, there is no life in art...



  1. I've ordered Manga Studio Debut, since it came with such high praise. I don't expect much of it, though. It's because of the disconnect of drawing on a separate tablet. The most productive people seem to use a Wacom Cintiq and as few features as possible (certainly no rulers for straight lines). A loose, not heavily rendered style seems to fit best. I wouldn't want to use it for modern superhero comics with layers of rendering. It is called *Manga* Studio, not Marvel Studio or DC Studio Plus.

  2. Mike Norton (A DC comic artist who draws superheros) uses Manga Studio. This is where I first heard about it. I don't know if he uses a Wacom Tablet or Cintiq... I still like to use pen/pencil and paper for a lot of my drawing, but I could see Manga Studio playing a larger part in my comic creating, especially if I could get a Cintiq!

  3. At my studio ( several colleagues of use 'manga studio' who aren't manga artists. There is also a lot of tablet use mingled in with the cintique stuff. Getting used to the tablet is nice because you don't have to spend a ton of money and it is more portable in many cases.

    I use traditional drawing technique but I often do corrections or color work digitally. Computers are just another tool but it is worthwhile figuring out how much of a role you want them to play in your process.

    Nice Blog and great book selection. "Panel Discussions" is another you might try if you haven't yet

  4. @SpiderBridge Thanks for dropping by!

    I am hoping that someone comes up with an inexpensive portable sketch tablet "all in one" soon. There is a rumour of a Summer release on one but the name escapes me!

    I had head of your studio. I think fellow Portland illustrator Kevin Cross mentioned you.

    You and your studio mates do some great stuff!

    I "even" have Steve Lieber's "Idiots" book on creating a Graphic Novel on the night stand!

    "Panel Discussions" is now on my to read list!