Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time is Ticking in My Head!

And it Never Stops!

Speaking of time, I never seem to be good at deadlines. I have my mini comic to do and yes I know some people may know it isn't due until June 1st but I do work a day job and run a hockey team (OK that hockey team one is a stretch as it pretty much runs itself) and help with my wife's design business. My, aren't I great??? Heh.

OK. This isn't going to be about THAT mini comic (I will be mentioning it more and more as I get closer to the deadline). This is about a b'day card I decided to make for my nephew at last minute yesterday morning. Sure I could have gone to the dollar store and picked up a made card but I figured I am creative and I had a couple hours to spare. Well, what was supposed to be a card then turned into a mini, mini comic. Oh not in the traditional sense (It was 3 pages no panels) But it did end up taking longer than 2 hours and it went from black and white to flat coloured and before I knew it the time had zoomed by. In the end I finished it and it went over well (with the adults better than the kids). My 7 year old creative niece asked, "how did you do this?" and so did my sister (which were fun questions) I got the usual family/spouse kudos but the guy I wanted to impress most (my nephew) was just "meh". Moral is make the drawing about the subject especially when they are 10!

What else I learned?

What I learned was I don't have to be precious for my upcoming mini comic, I can work fast and with a deadline when I 'want to".

My Art week.

I have been using the 3 by 3 inch post it notes as panels to rough out my mini comic some more. I wrote a story outline with descriptions (not panel by panel but I already did have the story in my head (ooh just had an idea for another panel!)

This was based on a video with Joe Kubert about story telling called "Comics Legend Joe Kubert Talks About His Process"...

Upcoming Week:

My wife Leah Bazian is doing the One of A Kind Spring Show in Toronto this week. You can check her out there. She works very hard and if you mention you read about her here, you can get the Jahhdog discount!

My Reads:

Ack read The Grim Ghost #1 from Atlas Comics relaunch by the creative team of Kelley Jones (artist) Tony Isabella (story) I liked the story and I am a fan of Kelley Jones art but something in the art is very inconsistent, enough so to pull me outta the story. 3.5 outta 5 howls

Been using my Manga Studio For Dummies a lot I can't give it a perfect score cuz it can't draw for me and it is about version 3.0! 4 outta 5 howls

and finished up my The Complete Peanuts Collection Volume One. 1950 - 1952.

Mr Charles M. Schulz, you are one funny dude (previously reviewed!)

Comments Keep Us Alive!

I can't survive in a vacuum. Though who would want to??? It's so dirty in that bag with all that dust, dog hair and stuff!

OK! So leave me a comment (good, bad etc.) or I may have to climb into that bag!

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  1. Wow long one huh! Good stuff man the blog was a fun read! I really like the birthday card/mini comic. My little projects tend to turn into big projects all too often as well lol. And i forgot about the whole "Post it method". I'll have to try that out sometime. I'm curious to hear how it pans out for you. And keep not keepin it precious man :) I need to keep that in mind while im penciling my mini too cuz the deadline aint gettin any further away. Keep up the good work man! Later Skater :)

  2. Thanks for the kind comments!

    It just seems long cuz of the big pictures! One cool thing if you approach the "post it" method as panels you can arrange them in any order (once you slap them on a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper)

    If you don't like it rearrange em. I even doodle on "post its" while I am at my computer or watching an "exciting" TV show with my wife...