Sunday, March 6, 2011

I've been Conned!

Well I plan on being "conned" more often this year.

I have some good memories of comic shows from when I was a kid.

Most of my fondest comic show memories are from the 70's and 80's. The earliest shows (now called cons) were a place I went solo as my friends weren't into comics. It was no biggie as I went to the cons to shop first and fill some story run or get some books by my favourite artist. Occasionally I would catch a glimpse of the guest creator/artist many of which happened to be a favourite! There weren't any artist alleys. Usual there was a guest artist and local artists might buy a table to promote their books which was rare in the 70's as only a artist working for the big two seemed to get an invite.

Along the way I got to meet Ernie Chan who showed me the Conan newspaper strip he was working on with Roy Thomas. I saw Neal Adams but his being so busy led me to meet Cerebus The Aardvark creator Dave Sim. Seems like he was a much easier going guy back then. There were other artists like George Perez and other I can't remember. This was a time when you could chat with artists and pick up a sketch at a reasonable price though I still preferred completing my comic runs so I could READ the books versus collecting artist sketches...

I have fond memories of these shows and yet I have not so fond memories of the shows of the 90's and new millennium. These are the money shows, The small show was replaced by the monster con. I have some good memories of speaking with Diana Schutz at a 90's con and more recently Brian Bolland. I have less fond memories of waiting in huge lineups just to get into the con. This led my wife to say never again to the monster con/expo and (I don't blame her).

Someone Who does it Right!

This leads me to TCAF a free to the public show for independent comic artists . I got to meet Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire there last year. Dan Clowes was there and many others but they had too many people around them so I couldn't/wouldn't bother pushing through. I missed Roger Langridge as he was speaking at a venue not part of the library and by the time we had walked the floor I was done. I would support friends if they were there. I will meet friends if they are going but I have never been the autograph, sketch guy. I consider myself a comic READER not a collector!

This year I plan to attend again and try to meet some fellow artist down there. Some members of our art community Art and Story and support them.

I wanted to remind you if you are in the Ann Arbor, Michigan next weekend head over to Kids Read Comics, a great show and learning opportunity for families and it's free!.

My Art Week:

My art week was filled with King Kong! OK. Not really, but my studio is still in the cleaning process...sigh...

My Reading Week:

I re-read Sweet Tooth Volume 1 Vertigo imprint. I love Jeff's work and I still think Jeppard is Gordie Howe!! Have Sweet Tooth Volume two bedside.

5/5 howls

I picked up Peanuts Collection Volume One from the library. Fantagraphics did an awesome job. It is this weeks a Jahhdog Must Read! Schulz style changes over the next 50 years but I think his writing was never better!

5/5 howls
I gotta buy this one!

I actually went a bought Jeff Lemire's Superboy, now I am a Super-boy, girl, man hater (I only love superdog) but I am interested to see the writing that Jeff brings to the book. I would buy it forever if he drew it too!

Happy Birthday Will Eisner. I remember seeing his work at the local comic shop, I think it was kitchen sink press collecting the newspaper comics. They were awesome, the line work, the splash pages, the "dames"! Will did it all! Then I read his graphic novels and was floored. Like some have said said, "he was way ahead of his time!" Google is honouring him today and it is well deserved!

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