Friday, April 15, 2011

Cross Mediums!

Staying Art Fit:

Well, I guess it is easy for the professionals out there who plonk away at it daily for 10 to 12 hours!

For us "mere mortals" who have another job and have to spend 8 or 10 hours there, then come home with other responsibilities, you might find that picking up the pencil, pen or plonking on the keyboard may be troublesome even it it is enjoyable.

When you miss a couple days of it it is had to stay "art fit!"

When I can't get to the table for extended periods of time I supplement my training regimen by listening to art and creation based podcasts and follow other members of my art group. (I never know what to call the members of the Art and Story Supreme group and YES, yes, I know we are called storriors by Jerzy)
I also fall asleep reading process books and carry sketch book with me everywhere and most important, try and draw daily, even it is only 5 minutes ...

What do you creative types do?

My Perspective on the Tim Burton Retrospective:

I went to the Tim Burton exhibit which is in Toronto until April 17th 2011. Burton is a Cal Arts Graduate in animation who started his work in animation at Disney. Then created/directed many films including "Edward Scissor Hands" and some of my favourite animated films "The Nightmare before Christmas" and "The Corpse Bride"

I found it inspiring and interesting. It is cool that he has kept all this stuff all these years and that we are able to follow his evolution. What can I say? I love retrospectives...

I know many artists who have tossed a lot of their stuff or sold it off. Not me. I have given pieces away, given them as gifts and yes even sold a piece or two, I think the coolest thing about the Burton exhibit was reading his notebook pages he had out and seeing all the different projects in all the different medium. I don't feel so bad (spreading myself thin )liking film, TV, animation, comics, writing, etc.

Oh and he had stuff sketched everywhere, old newspapers , on an old desk calendar. At one point after separating at the gallery for a bit my wife and I met up again and she said, "He reminds me of you, drawing, everywhere, on everything." I thought that if that was the only thing Mr. Burton ad I had in common, that was OK!

Burton has shown that it is all right to cross the mediums...

Show ends Sunday!

My Art Week:

More work on my mini comic. More trial with Artrage Studio Pro. 30 day free trial available.

Sample using pencil tools:

Ok art monkeys, go create something (even when you only have 5 minutes)!!!


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