Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coloured and inked!

Well yesterday was a run around day of sorts... Got rid of 3 computers worth of parts to my local computer recycle depot... Always good to help the environment :D

But ALSO worked on perspective and shading... I'd throw the exercise up if anyone asks otherwise (they are basic art class/school stuff) ... I'm just gonna put up the colour I did in Artrage 2.5 ...used the airbrush tool ... "pretty poorly" but That's OK... I'm more worried bout structure and tone than the actual colour process.

I also got some ink work done today with my Manga debut 4 program...It's pretty cool (the program)...I experimented with the ink brush and the "g pen" but I need to do a lot more...Part of the problem was that my nib is worn down on my Wacom tablet and my extras are lost... I blame the thief "Rogue" (our Aussie Cattledog) ...

In any case here are the colour and the ink pictures...

You'll notice the colour is a different look for the character and the ink is taken from my second pencil sketch which I didn't include Sunday! Anyway let me know what you think!?!

We are all works in progress!


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