Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to Artrage 2.5 and Podcasts !!!

Well I have the first chapter thumbnailed for my upcoming ongoing web comic and like most creative types I can't keep my mind from err ... ahhh ... umm ... CREATING! :D

I blame my latest distraction on a couple excellent podcasts!

I was listening to podcasts Art and Story and Big Illustration Party Time while cleaning my house and getting ready for company yesterday...

Both are excellent podcasts that are very helpful if you have any interest in the creative process of comic books and illustration.

The latest episode from the "Big Illustration" guys had Tony Moore on as their guest. Some excellent discussion ensued about Tony's creative process and illustration tools...

The Art and Story guys have reached 7 parts in their ongoing series called "Your Comic from the Ground Up" as well as 120 segments on creating comics...

I can't recommend them enough as these creators sincerely enjoy what they are doing. To them it isn't "just a job" It's a "lifestyle"!

So here is my latest thing done today (a little bit hung over) the before thumbnail first, the "middle art raged sketch"second (unfortunately my nib is gone on my wacom so I had/have to stop)...

She is a Zelena (the green terror) a character design from chapter two of my ongoing series which will see the light of day soon !

let the guys know what you think of their podcasts and grab a book or three from their sites! They are well worth it.


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