Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pushmi-pullyu (Push Me Pull You)

Maybe Dr. Dolittle was right. I am a victim of this dreaded disease. I am finding myself being pushed and pulled in all different directions in my life. how can this not effect my creative process?
Creating is a large part of my Life. Push and pull play a large part there too! I marvel at people who can close their eyes to the pushes and pulls of all thing around them. Yet I also know “pushing” it is the only way to get things done.
PUSH! - I listen to professional artist who have to take jobs that aren't appealing to them to pay the bills.
PULL! - They would love to work on their personal projects yet can't because...
PUSH! - they have a partner, child, family who needs some of their attention.
PULL! - if they don't afford them this attention there will be problems...
There are many more examples of “push and pull” and what may be a push! For you may be a pull! For me, but the point is that they can all be distractions...

My Comics and Where I AM At?

I am having a tough time completing my comic strip and or book because I am not sure about too many things. 
I mean I want to publish it on the Web but I don't know if I can maintain a weekly update? 
I am trying to get a chapter or 8 pages ahead so i can have a buffer. The problem is I don't know if the story is interesting enough to hold MY interest let alone the interest of the reader? 
I have a chapter written and a second chapter outlined. i also have a chapter written for my other comic idea hence the possibility of two different stories a week! 
I really liked the idea of Wednesday Comics published by DC Comics a couple of years ago. Yes. as strips go there was some that didn't work but most did!

I think this might be the Avenue for me as it would force me to be more clear and concise in my story telling.
I am stuck deciding on colouring too.

I do like colouring and though I am just learning the art, I do enjoy it! This would be digital colouring either done strictly in MangaStudio EX  or combine between Manga Studio and and ArtRage Studio PRO...

Of course this adds to the time I spend on the comics. I don't know. I could just flat them and not add layered colouring...

Geez so many decisions and for me they can be creatively crippling.

I am buoyed bu Jerzy Drozd of Comics are great! He says (paraphrase alert) “do your best and let the reader sort em out!”

I think I can! I know I will!


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