Saturday, October 29, 2011

You Only Need Five Minutes

300 Seconds and Counting...

I was checking Twitter today when my art friend @MarshallPlex tweeted he "would love to make art today...but I can't...maybe later." I replied that "all you need is 5 minutes." Then I thought about how much things do or don't get done in five minutes. Is five minutes enough time to create anything?

Of course it is!

When I was taking guitar lessons my teacher used to tell me to pick up my guitar every day. Even for 5 minutes. I would reply that "this isn't enough time to go through my lessons for the week (barely enough time to warm up and play a song). He'd answer "just grab the acoustic before bed when you are winding down (my wife doesn't allow the electric in the bedroom anyway, the amp is too loud!) What I think he was hoping was that after 5 minutes I'd probably play longer (and I usually did/do) and at minimum keep a routine and your fingers "warm". This works for drawing and writing too!

Location, Location, Location

On the small chance you literally don't feel like you have five minutes because of location (work) or time (work). What about a small moleskin to pull out on your break from work. I carry one in my satchel and pull it out for ideas and quick sketches (even when I am on the job) Now if I only remembered to bring the moleskin into the house from the car at the end of my shift. Sigh...

Remember, you can grab a pencil and scrap piece of paper and rough sketch anything. Same can be said for a colour marker or even a stylus on your puter. Let's hope your puter is already running cuz some puters bloated with start up software can take 5 minutes to get going (you hear me honey?)

Some other things that can be done in 5 minutes. Play with your pet, grab a cuppa (insert favourite beverage), close your eyes, sit back and relax, sing, play an instrument, dance, write a song, write some story ideas, some panel ideas, make a sandwich, call your partner, friend, family member and say you were thinking of them! Oh the list goes on...

Whatcha Readin?

Been reading "Northlanders" from DC/Vertigo fairly consistent tales from 1000 AD and the Saxon, Viking raids (also called the Viking age. Written by Brian Wood and illustrated by various artists the book tells short (one shot) and long form stories (up to 8 issues).

Though fictional I find the stories do resonate with my limited understanding of the period (couple of classes in University) You can jump on at any time but the stories are best enjoyed in the collected trades. I love the various artists they have used as I just am finishing the third trade. Wood also writes DMZ another recommended read. These books are recommended for 14 and older as the language, situations and art can be quite graphic!

4 hhOOwwls outta 5!

My Art Week

My week is taken up by sketches and ideas, panels and colours and I'm glad I can share them with you! November is challenge month. Do a search and you can find 30 in 30 (creating 1 character daily) and Nanowrimo write a novel in a month. Good luck to all participants!



  1. Thanks Michael! your right I CAN do at least 5 minutes today and i will! Heck i took 5 minutes out to read and respond to this blog :) looking forward to seeing the projects your working on dude!

  2. Thanks for taking the time! I just want to share and show that we can fit creating into our day if we make the choice, Which in my humble opinion is the right choice! More creation less destruction!