Monday, October 10, 2011


Last Long (lost) weekend Was (Canadian Thanksgiving).

You may have noticed less creating commentaries and that is because I am busy creating.

I came to a realization that though I do like writing about creating, I like to create cartoons and drawings more.

Panels and Perspectives

My ideas for comics are still there and now I need to put them down in comics and on pages. I have been posting panels of "Fear" a page I have been drawing this week. It is in constant flux and the story isn't set but I am using Manga Studio and trying to learn tools at the same time.

I am trying to learn perspective and panel creation and program commands so that is why I decided to make this blog irregular.

I tried to use the new format for blogger
but didn't like it in Firefox.

I am drawing more digitally but I am still rough sketching and scanning some stuff in.

Daily Sketching

I am drawing "nearly" daily and including much of what I do on Facebook at Sketch Daily and Tuesdays at Tuesday Sketch on tumblr and Twitter. Why don't you join me?

Mixed media experiment "Reclining"...

What I am Reading

Batman and Robin: Reborn the first Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely Hardcover 2009/2010

I like Quitley's art stylized, unique and detailed. I will buy his books no matter who or what he draws... I am a Quitely fan and the covers and his art are the best thing about the Batman and Robin book The writing is pretty violent and when the new artist takes over I found it a struggle to get through. The next best thing about the book (after the Quitely art) is probably the writer/artist commentary regarding the covers and their designs in the extras portion at the back of the book. Worth a borrow or loan from your local library...

3.5 howls outta 5

Finished Peter Bagge's political/social commentary "Everybody is Stupid Except For Me" collection of cartoons.

Bagge is Bagge and I love his satire and wit combined with his unique style of drawing. Definite commentary on Seattle/American living in first decade of the new millennium.

4 howls outta 5

What I am Working On

I am working on multiple pages for multiple stories. Some short some medium some long. Right now it is Fear, though the last panel is a little troublesome. I will be incorporating it into "Children of the Sun" which is up for my next page...

Thanks for all the new Twitter follows and for those asking where the blog is?!?


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