Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Bare Necessities

There are certain things I do daily that are musts or part of the natural necessitates (The Bare Necessities) of life... I don't have to go too deep into the functions, most are bodily and can be gross at times but ARE necessities.

For some art is a necessity.

(Jason Bradshaw)

(Josh Bauman)

Does it daily and does it good!

What About YOU?!?

Join a group and even when it is not so good keep at it. I'm sure all the masters Kirby, Swan, Toth and Dikto (to name a few) didn't love every drawing they did. But they did it fast and did it regular.

I need it too! Yes. Sometimes even I can find myself floundering without incentive and encouragement and sketch daily is a way I can maintain some semblance of regularity and challenge.

This brings me to Sketch Daily. I signed up to do this because I'm drawing sketch a day and readying myself for Sketchbook Project 2012. The goal of Sketch Daily is to do a sketch in under and hour (I may switch to 30 minutes) for weekday sketches because of the day gig. Here is number one...

I am also a part of the Sketchbook Project 2012 as I just got my sketchbook in the mail.
I may carry it with me on my job for ideas and such though not sure bout this yet. You can join too!

The sketchbook I received is a 32 page brown thin sketchbook (you can use your own but it must be under an inch thick and 5.25 w x 7.25 h (inches). I think I will stick to this book as 32 pages are enough! It was 20.00 including registration and shipping and my topic is Heroes and Villains. They have a whole list of different topics. You can select one, let them select one, or have no topic...

I'm thinking more the real life twists on Heroes and Villains. The day to day Heroes and Villains. For example "Polite man" (who holds the door for everyone) vs Impolite Man/Rude Boy (who cuts lines, passes gasses ad nauseum - or nausea.)

What I'm Reading

I'm still reading Bagge's "Buddy Does Jersey " (it is like 360 pages long!?!)

What can I say I love to "Hate"...


Thanks for the T comments (Twitter/Tumblr and Tacebook)

When you spread yourself on the social media(s) you spread yourself real thick!!!

Sketch today, spread the sketch love!


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