Saturday, August 20, 2011

All You're Doin to me is Talk Talk

Recently I was tweeting back and forth with my art buddies about where we are headed from here in our cartooning.

Many of us just finished recent projects which included our first complete mini comic while others are professional cartoonists.

The answer most of us gave was web comics. Yes. Web comics. A quick and relatively easy delivery system. I mean you still have to create the comic but at least you shouldn't be too bogged down to get it out there right?

Personal Ease of Use:

It is a fast economical way to get your work out there and it is a way to build a following without having to worry about printing costs, distribution and footing it to promote. Though promotion should still occur.

The other thing is once you have a significant amount of pages complete you can collect them into a book for print (and we all know about those print on demand services).

We bounced around how many weekly updates is a good amount to build your readership.

One comment was three updates a week, another was once a week. I think you need a minimal amount of two updates. Even if one of the updates is showing the work in progress.

Me, Myself, I

I mention this because I have been debating where to go since the completion of "Rogue Alone". I have already started a second story but I am thinking along the lines of a weekly web series in the spirit of "Wednesday Comics" published by DC comics 2 or 3 years ago.

This was a newspaper newsprint style one page per story comic published weekly for 12 or so weeks following various super heroes in the DC universe. Some were excellent (some not) but it was the format that intrigued me. The continuing story and the size of the story...

It is something I am definitely considering...


So I was kinda gut punched this past week as my art group and favourite comic related podcast Art and Story have decided to call it quits after almost 4 years. It is like your favourite band breaking up. Yes I know they are still friends and going to do an occasional project together down the road but like many things, once the magic is gone it is gone...


Good news for you though because that means all their premium for pay content will soon become free to the public (if it isn't already)

Good luck to the Art and Story crew! Mark Rudolph, Jerzy Drozd and Kevin W. Cross wherever the road takes em!

Speaking of which go and support Mark's latest project a graphic novel adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "Dagon"

When I'm Bummed I read:

Reading Pete Bagge's Buddy Does Jersey (4 smiling howls outta 5)

What is Spilling out of my Ear:

I am sketchin (but nothing of note). Oh, I forgot! I'm actually drawing a comic page of a hockey story...


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