Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm the Chairman of the Bored

Maybe Bored is the Wrong Word:

So It is "STILLL" February and I can't wait for it to end. Not because I'm wishing my days away. I stopped doing that when I reached twenty something. No I am finding the month to be stifling even though it is still winter outside.

My ideas have no POW! My drawings have no ZING! and my interest has no ZAP!.

I think that it is more the time of year than anything. I find this problem in many creative types in February as we have now survived the holiday season and are waiting for Spring to well "spring!"

I have some exciting news for illustrators and artists Josh Kemble and Kevin Cross have re started Big Illustration Party Time. These are two excellent professional illustrators and cartoonists that have a lot to say about the industry and the creative process. Well worth a listen. You can start at episode 45 or go back and start at episode 1. They are updating the links from previous episodes to make it current and it is all good!

When You are Bored READ!

I have read a couple excellent comics this past week one by Chester Brown called "Louis Riel a illustrated autobiography."

It is drawn in the style of Little Orphan Annie creator/illustrator Harold Gray (1894–1968) and it really works! The story is about a Canadian rebel who was hanged for treason at the end of the 19th century. Though the book has a sympathetic leaning towards Louis Riel, Brown did his research and backs it up with reference notes at the back of the book (I read the hard cover).

I will say it is more a historical docudrama than a dry biography, but that is what you want!

Entertaining and interesting.

4 howls outta 5!

I also read "Hey, wait--"

A graphic novel by the award-winning Norwegian cartoonist Jason (his first appearance in the English language). A sad, poignant story about the life of a anthropomorphic character following his life choices ( and his life from child to grown up) and coming to a realization that sometimes doing nothing is a choice in itself...

The characters are humans drawn in animal form which you think might lessen the drama and sadness and separate us from main character's life but suits the story perfectly and draws us in...

4 howls outta 5

I am reading web comics 2.0 and finding that the book has a serious lean towards Adobe Illustrator (I use Manga EX 4.0) but there are some good pages regarding pitfalls of Web comics and also some pointers that can be used in both programs. If anything the book is a little dated but the history of web comics is encapsulated here and I do likes my history.

My Art Week:

Back to the day grind and if you read the first paragraph you can see why my art week is made up more of reading than doing!

But that shouldn't stop you from creating!

I did a drawing using a sexy tough chick model (posted below) which isn't so much an exact representation as a trial in capturing essence and attitude with the Manga EX ink brush pen tool.

I sometimes use photos for reference (here a lot more) but remember as my art teacher Miss Hoika once told me, "We already have photographers, be an ARTIST!"


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