Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Computer Weak errr Week and the Bane of the Excitement Empath

It's Just Too Much!!!

When I read or listen to people talk about their favourite past time I wonder if I'm an excitement "empath"?

I might not even care so much about what they are talking about but I find their excitement and enthusiasm infectious. It can be dangerous as I have some friends with expensive hobbies and if not careful "once bitten" it can cost me a pretty penny before I recover!

There must be the release of some sort of endorphin that makes me so euphoric that I can't contain myself or is it the challenge of something new or just a replacement for something else? I can't really say but my experience is usually a negative one when I "leap before I look"...

My Art Weak Errr Week:

My weak err week has been taken up with a move from Windows XP Professional operating system to Windows 7. A fun way to spend your holiday? Sorta. I had been using my Manga EX drawing software in recent weeks and noticed a lot of slow downs and crashes. I ran XP in 32-bit mode (that is the software I owned) with 2 gigs of RAM. decent graphics card and lots of Hard Disk Space but apparently this was not enough! Now XP is stable and more flexible than Vista so I chose to remain with XP until I knew that WIN 7 was going to be a improvement. SO I waited, I read and I talked to friends who are much more tech savvy than I. And I leapt this week increasing my memory from 2 to 4 gigs switching my main drive to my fastest drive and purchasing the home premium upgrade of Windows 7. Now I know you are wondering what this has to do with a creative/ art blog. Well as I said I did it to stabilize my computer and my art software. Well I after a few days of tweaks and re-install I did have to do a new fresh install of Win 7 from XP and that was fine because I had the option to install a 64 bit version of WIN 7 which would take advantage of the additional RAM.

And after re-installing software, upgrading hardware drivers, I AM BACK!!!

I hope ;)

So that leaves me behind in the art accomplishment department but I still try and squeeze time in when I can,whether it is some sketching, doodling and inking in Manga EX and that has to be good enough for now... Check some of my stuff on Flickr

Time to break my guitar repair "cherry" start working on fixing my electric guitar...sigh...

Create something!


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