Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wassssuuuuuppp??? An Animator's Lament!

Ok. I know I'm in trouble when my title is from an old ad campaign!

My weekly blog is "not so weekly" and I am trying to remedy this. I'm trying to make this blog about things I have done (and learned) so that I can pass on some "good" info to anyone interested.

Self promotion in the blog is secondary or tertiary (not bad word eh?).

So what I have I learned lately? I learned that a good foundation leads to the best result! This goes back to mini comic project (which I am still working on). I picked up a retail copy of Toon Boom Studio v 4.5 for a cheap price and now version 6.0 is already out next month! The good thing is they are having a sale on the upgrade for 79.00 (instead of 99.00 after Sep 1)... So I will have the lastest version (once I upgrade) for 138.00! Not a bad deal for a 329 dollar program... But (as usual) I digress...

I have been working on some animations. I guess they would be called walk cycles.

Above is Richard Williams "proper" walk cycle from his book

The Animator's Survival Kit

Another good book is Animation From Script to Screen

Both available from Amazon, your local library or Ebay. And highly recommended!

Here is a little voice eye test I did through Toon Boom after watching too many vampire movies!



  1. Cool little animation Jahhdog! You'll have to let me know what you think of the Shamus Culhane book. I've been thinking about picking it up for some time now. I was also thinking about buying Toon Boom, but I went with Flipbook, cause it had the most Disney animators stamps of approval.

    Anyways, keep up the the great work!

    ~ Casey

  2. I liked the Culhane book. He is definitely "old school" but we can't ignore him for that!!!

    There are interesting chapters on the history and technique of 2d animation. Also on scripting your animation and timing. Ahh timing something that I am spending a lot of "time" on :D

    Don't spend a lot of cahs on the Culhane book as you can probably get it cheap on Ebay!

    Keep on animating and send me a Email/link to your work!


  3. Hehe Turbos I hope you could figure out I meant "cash" not "cahs"...

    That's what I get for responding when I'm tired :D