Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Failure is Not an Option or Life's Tough in the Ghetto!

So I was challenged to finish my mini comic and I missed the deadline. In essence, I died :D
I can give many excuses, I'm good at those but when it came down to finishing, the technical work wasn't good enough. Now it isn't a failure... Not really... I learned that if your thumbs/pencils are too loose then your inks will suck. And that my cars and city scape's bite and need work. Pretty succinct eh?

I have been doing lots including receiving my copy of Toon Boom! Wah friking hoo! I am ready to embark on animation and I know it is cool. Look at my Ghettomation guru Jim Lujan! I just got his Ghettomation Garden DVD and it rocks. Get yours here In fact get 2! One for you and one for your mom!

I'm practicing some inking and have some stuff to post sooner than later!

Remember "It's better to regret something you did then something you didn't do!"


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