Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weenies Week Two

weenies week two, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Via Flickr:
Sack Exercise For week two of PC Weenies Mentorship Experiment


  1. Oh yeah! Loving the crowded image.... I'm following your lead here... Though I like to include silhouettes, so I have to figure that one out.... we have 5 figures for our next assignment, and this one too me way to long to post...
    New post at the LAB! @pcweenies 's Mentor Experiment - 2 - Flour Sack torsos There's a slideshow at the bottom too.

    1. Well I wanted to do more than one sketch for each sack pose. I was pleased the way they came out and though sacks poses are not a revelation for me in terms of the why you need to do it, this is a good way to start a character and think in terms of three dimensions when starting a pose.'

      Our next 5 poses will also be drawn this way. I think you mentioned that time is limited and for me it is also about "interest" I need to keep moving (just like a shark) or my interest dies!