Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have Some FUN! (more ink mini tore)

more ink mini tore, originally uploaded by jahhdog.

Via Flickr:
Threw more ink on the Minoataur to make it more 3d...

Have FUN!!!

Sometimes when I draw I forget to just have fun or do it for myself. This was one of those times I decided to have some fun!

I have been reading "How to draw noir comics : the art and technique of visual storytelling" by Martinbrough, Shawn.

He mentions cropping and how it can increase dynamism in your panel/sketch and after inking this Minotaur character I was getting bogged down when (after cropping) I said to myself , "Self, this looks kinda cool" what if I also used the water colour brush in Artrage Studio (one of my very favourite colouring tools).

I am still happy with it 7 hours later... (an artist's litmus test)


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