Sunday, September 11, 2011

What is Best in Life?

The Good Ole Hockey Game!

So this week was a great hockey week for my Summer Beer League. We made it to the finals in our Arena for the week but it ended on a sour note with a referee induced loss...Sigh...

What this meant was I was playing hockey 3 nights in a row and topping this off with a short work week and an extra busy day gig well my art challenges fell by the way side. You would note this by the lack of drawings appearing here and on my other sites. Sketch Daily turned into a sketch weekly. Just a reminder, the idea of sketch daily is to sketch something even if you only have 5 minutes and I did but I am loathe to put them up. I will though as like I said "even if you have 5 minutes."

So yes I will post the two things I was working on and try to make some more sketches to catch up. Either that or I will move sketch daily back 4 days... It is a personal challenge. So though I felt pressure I can't let it rule me. I have my sketchbook project on the go now though I haven't started and those may end up as scans in my sketch daily...

Other things. I was thinking of topics for days of they week that I don't have topics and two things I thought about were using the word a day from or making the first letter of the day as a difficult perspective shot (or anatomy or subjects I have difficulty with) combined with the word from

For example:

Sunday = Spatial or Spacial,
Monday = Mundane or Mindset
Tuesday = Tuesday Sketch Group Topic
Wednesday = where (one is at)
Thursday = Top Down, twist
Friday = Frame of mind, facet, feature
Saturday = scene or size

Now these are just ideas. 365 days can be a long time of drawing and though you may like a wide open topic or content, sometimes we just work better within limits...

My Art Week

See above...

Reading Week

Reading "Apocalypse Nerd"

by Peter Bagge
Year/Format: 2008, Book, 118 p.

So far, not bad, not great, just different...


Isle of 100,000 graves
by Vehlmann, Fabien, 1972-
Contributors: Hubert, 1971- ; Jason, 1965- ; Thompson, Kim, 1956-
Year/Format: 2011, Book, 1 v. (unpaged) :

"Five years ago, little Gwenny's father found, inside a bottle, a map with instructions on how to reach the mysterious Isle of 100,000 Graves and its legendary treasures-- and then he vanished. Now Gwenny, having stumbled across another bottle-shipped map, enlists the dubious help of a shipful of pirates, sets out to find the island, and her long-lost dad. Little does she realize that the Isle comes by its ominous name honestly, as the location of a secret school for executioners and torturers," -- from publisher's web site.

Strange, curious and strange but weirdly darkly delightful. Jason's art make the story surreal and less dark ...

3.5 Howls outta 5

Get into it!

You heard me! Just go and create something because you enjoy it!


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